Any suggestions for new bike build?

I use aluminum buffer sticks and a hard woven buffer wheel on my bench grinder, gradually changing to a softer wheel for the final polish. The yellow film ( I believe) is a factory coating, may a clear coat of some kind, can be hard to buffer off, may be a way to dissolve it but I haven’t found it :). Thus I buff the he’ll out of it, you can be pretty aggressive, even use nylon brush for the bench grinder to get the film off, it may make some scratches that then need to be buffered out. I have also used my vapor honer - it will give a dull appearance, but since it will be uniform it quite easy to buff up to look nice.
Most of all it takes time and it’s pretty hideous work. But what the heck - I’m retired so just take the time it takes and try to be patient.
Thanks so much! Bill says he'll try that with the buffer on the yellowed patches. Not sure exactly what an "aluminum buffer stick" is (Oh! Like jewelers Rogue. Got it.) Rusty's looking a good bit better. New pictures coming some time this week.