Building my custom seat for an 82


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In my quest to build a brat style XS650 I chose to go down the road of a flat seat rather than a drop seat. I thought I'd share the photos I took during the fabrication of the seat and see what you guys thought.

I started of course with cutting out the basic shape of the seat pan.

Then I had to cut the rear of the seat pan to fit the fender. I found the best way to get the bend of the curve was to use an old empty gallon paint can clamped to a table. Then it was welded up using tig.

In order to make the front go closer to the gas tank there was a little bit of fabrication work that needed to be done. I built a custom front to the seat pan so that I can remove the front bracket anytime I want via the bolts coming in from the bottom. I also made sure that it covered the gas tank mount.

After the seat pan was finished I took it a local shop to have it padded and covered and have to say that he did an excellent job with it. The bike has a little bit more work to do to it currently but it's looking great so far. I was surprised to see how much of a difference the seat made.
Thanks for the post, bike looks good with the seat you made, something along the line of what I had in mind for the changes for mine, so I was glad to see the pics. What gauge steel did you use? Notice any need for extra support under the pan?
I made the seat pan out of 16ga steel that I picked up at Lowe's. I kept the original seat support rail that's on the frame and have found that with the mounting points I choose I don't need any additional reinforcement. It's shape is also made to sit directly on the rails themselves and due to the curves and welds in the pan itself it doesn't sag in the middle and is pretty rigid.

The upholstery ran me a little over $200. He secured the cover to the pan using rivets.
I was incredibly happy to see the upholstery work come out exactly as what I had in mind.
I'm bringing this back to the top. I'm building a seat and want to study the pictures
I think it came out very nice
Thanks guys for the praise. I need to finish up the wiring and tune the carbs and can't wait to get her on the road. I've been held up as my friend whose place I've working on it at has been over seas serving in the Army. Can't wait to ride it down the road and hopefully turn some heads. I will say doing a full restore has been quite the experience and one hell of a way to get your first motorcycle, but hey if it ever has a problem I'll know exactly how to fix it. I know without all the help from all the tech posts and reading through the forum I wouldn't have as much done as I do. Everyone on this forum has been a great help!
This is the best seat I have seen. It is exactly what i am trying to do. I bought one just like it, but is was made for a bike with no rear fender. I don't want to remove my fender, I am trying to modify it, but will probably just sell it and start from scratch


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I know several people have brought this post back from the dead already but I have to do it again. Now if only I could get something like this without having to cut stock tabs. VERY nice. I'm jealous.
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