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These are the instructions that came with the digital, magnetic sensor speedo. The speedo also has a tachometer function and warning lights for flashers, high beam, engine fault?, neutral and gear number.

Of course with anything like this you have to input tyre circumference, number of cylinders and a few other things that I have no idea of their function.

The speedo has some wire colours not on the schematic and trying to decipher the instructions was just a waste of time, Chinese humour I assume.

Apparently their motorbikes have electric door locks and rear doors.

Anyway, I managed to hook everything up and access the settings, no easy task.

I'm not worrying about gear number, but the neutral light, hmmm, perhaps.

Everything is working now, but I won't know if the tacho is working until I fill the engine with oil again and press the start button.

But, just for a laugh, read the instructions, they are hilarious!

I hope the instructions for their fighter jets, ships and subs are a little better. I wouldn't like to be living in China if some little Chinaman reads the instructions for their big bang bomb and pushes the button!


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I didn't know bikes had electric door locks and rear doors. Damned if I can find them though, must have thrown them out with all the other useless bits.
Talking of Chinese humour, I recall reading many years ago that it was during during the cultural revolution that an ancient tomb was discovered.
Chinese archaeologists were dispatched to investigate the contents which wasn't easy as the entrance was narrow and there was only room for one person in there at a time.
The first went in and after a short time laughter was heard and the archaeologist crawled out with tears of mirth streaming down his face. Somewhat confused a second was despatched into the tomb with the same result. After half an hour or so the whole ensemble were incapacitated with laughing.
The Red Guard called in the Russians to go in and try to establish what was causing the hilarity.

They emerged after a short time and explained that laughter is the Maoist form of wit..........

I'll see myself out.