CVMG Rally 2022 is on!


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Just read in our newsletter today that the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group Rally is planned to be a go this coming summer. Dates are June 17th - 19th and will be held in Paris, Ontario, and the good news is the Yamaha XS650 will be the feature bike. So who’s coming? Hope to meet many forum members there. I can post more info as it becomes available but I believe registration begins at the beginning of January 2022. Nice to have some good news in these crazy times.
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That would be an epic ride from Victoria! Maybe I arrange a vacation to Ontario?...
If you wanted to seriously look at making the trek you could do something our car club did to go to Vegas this past fall. Some guys shipped their cars partway and drove them back. If anyone wants to consider this I have storage space in my garage for at least 6 bikes. This should be a great event. I just joined the CVMG and they are a great club.
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Our new place is about 270 km from the pretty little town of Paris, ON and we can provide parking for…..a LOT of bikes, trucks, trailers and RV’s etc. plus (I hope) a decent workshop for the bikes. The house will sleep about 6-8 people (one couple plus some others) and camping in the yard or in an RV in the driveway is no problemo. Lots of shower/toilet facilities are available plus a very nice pool.

Please note that some sleeping spots places are already spoken for - but PM me if you like and we can chat.

The ride to Paris from here will be an easy 3-4 hour haul on pleasant country roads and while the scenery isn’t spectacular, it is nice and there are some good spots to stop along the way.

Now - it’s back out to the garage for me - I’ve got to create that workshop and I have two XS650s to prepare for Paris!

I’m about an hour east of Paris and if any travellers need a place to work on their bikes I’m also fairly well equipped with tools and a decent workspace. Sorry but can’t help with accommodations at our place but there’s lots of economically priced hotels nearby and I can help with references. Looking forward to this.
I have prepaid for a camping spot with electricity which I understand is a parking spot for my van and an extension cord.
There will be swap meet stuff on offer.
I’m registered for the rally. Won’t be camping out but expect to attend for at least two days. May leave the ‘76 they’re for the event and commute from home on my new bike (hopefully have it by then).