Dampers.. dampener's .... rubber thingies

22 pieces drop'd at the powder coat guys.... I haven't been there for a few months, and the shop has doubled in size... they have contracts with the big three auto makers.... five years ago, it was 3 guys in a small building.... my other parts are at the painters.... engine in back of the truck... I spray it often with Simple Green.... Tuesday is half price day at the car wash... pocket full of quarters.... the Green stuff and gasoline... brushes and a .22 bore brush. Wednesday is take it to the shop... pull engine down and determine the amount of wallet abuse. The " plan "is to have the engine done....and installed in the frame.... it's a lot easier to drop the frame on the engine then hump the engine in the frame.... I already gave several packages from various vendors.... thanks, guys, for the leads on suppliers ..... 😎


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