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I found a couple of threads on this but didn't really find an answer.

I just got a 4 over set of fork tubes from Mikes and have begun dissembling the stock forks to swap the internals. However, the part in the image below (dampener?) will not fit inside the new fork tubes. You can see in the picture of the tubes that the new tubes (on the right) have a smaller inner diameter on the lower part of the tube. Is this due to the year of the stock forks I have? I don't know the year of tubes these are. Does anyone know the year of the stock tubes I need so I can swap the internals over to these new/extended tubes?


Here are the internals:
No pics showing but let me Kreskin here a moment..........
Hmmm.....perhaps you may be trying to put internals from a set of 35mm tubes into a set of 34's. That probably wouldn't work.
70-76 are 34mm forks. 77-84 are 35mm forks. The internals will not swap between the two. All the 35mm forks are the same, and most of the 34mm forks are the same although I'm not sure about the earlier 34's.
Before you go any further you should measure your trees and see what size they are.
Then see if the tubes you bought fit them.
Before you go any further you should measure your trees and see what size they are.
Then see if the tubes you bought fit them.

Oh I see you mean 34 vs 35mm. Yeah, I'll check that out for sure
If you have 76 & earlier (34mm) lower legs and tripple trees none of that will work for those tubes either.
Measure twice, buy once?
There's some darned good sleuths round these here parts, snap and post up some pics of your project and we can try to sort out what all you have.
The XS650 was in production for 14ish years. There are few parts in common between the first and last bikes.
35mm/77-84 i think
But they're missing the springs, caps, and top yoke. If you're building a chopper you can get a better looking top yoke that will also drop your front end about 1.5". Springs and caps are readily available. Speedmotoco sells a nice top yoke here
Would it be cheaper to find tubes to match your current forks and sell the 35mm tubes ?