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Alright, just starting the revival of this old 1972 XS2 that has been sitting for the last 38 years. For those that didn't see the first thread on it, I inherited it from my late grandfather. He got it as payment for something on march 15th 1985 and its been sitting ever since. When he got it, the silencers were gone, the forks were extended, and the rear shock swapped. The silencers and shocks are easy to work around, but the forks are not clear at this point.
Just scoping out parts I'm noticing that there are people saying the xs2 has a 28mm ID on the fork tube, but the parts suppliers are listing them as a 26.5mm or something like that ID. Already numbers don't line up.

So, are there multiple sizes? what are the differences through the years? are there any places to get new forks for this bike? I have not torn apart the front forks yet. If push comes to shove I can shorten the Easy Rider forks and make them stock length, but the chrome might tend to flake on the end of the tube.
Niche Cycle on EBay has them, I have bought from them before and they are a generally reliable source of parts.

You might find this media album of mine helpful for future reference,


When I rebuilt my XS2 forks, I found they were a real mess, missing and mismatched parts, the lower fork legs had been clamped in a vise, presumably so someone could change the fork seals and in the process they squashed one of the legs oval and the fork tube was getting stuck in the leg.
I wound up buying a complete set of used forks from an EBay dismantler, just to get the parts I needed to rebuild mine.

Also if you haven’t already bought one, I would suggest getting a good repair manual.
Good luck to you!
Niche Cycle on EBay has them, I have bought from them before and they are a generally reliable source of parts.

Well I just bought those fork tubes, we'll see how they fit. if they don't fit, I may just shorten the ones I have on the bike. my lathe doesn't have metric thread pitches though, so I'd likely have to turn some new caps as well.