Gasket removal.


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I'm having great trouble removing the remnants of the green, barrel base gasket. No problems with other gaskets. But this green gasket medium just won't come off, well not easily at least. Anyone have a better method than a razor blade?
I’ve used paint stripper in the past but haven’t tried the new eco-friendly stuff so no idea if it works.
I had hellish trouble removing a base gasket that was baked on with 40 years of oil and heat. Modern paint strippers are bloody useless and I finally unearthed a tin of ancient Nitromors with methylene chloride in it. Even then, it took several soaks and scrapes but eventually it all came off.
Methylene chloride hasn't disappeared entirely, you can still buy it if you have trade need for it, but suppliers have tightened up considerably. After the new regs came in I could easily have got a gallon of it but I missed the boat on that by leaving it too late.
I'm reluctant to use chemicals on it because I'll have to repaint and I can't remember the brand I used, so there will be a difference in colour. One thing for sure, I won't be using that green crap again, I'll cut my own this time around.
I bought a Motion Pro gasket scraper and thought it a bit gimmicky, but it actually worked well to remove some green gasket remnants, from my oil filter cover, last week. Angled blade worked well. I have an old can of Permatex gasket remover that works goid too but it has some nasty chemicals in it.
I tried a scotch brute wheel after scraping most of it off with a razor blade. It worked well on the barrel, the crankcase will be the hard part being ally, the studs don't make it any easier either.