I'm getting too old to be turning wrenches...


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Having a couple of extra bucks and wanting to spend it before The Universe finds out, I decided to add a second hydraulic remote to the Cabota. That gives me the ability to run a "top and tilt" function which is handy when using the back blade, and also a semi-permanent "Redneck Third Function" to run the grapple on my bucket and/or forks.

Kubota sells a kit with everything you need at the not completely outrageous price of $733 including tax.


Pulled it into the garage, put it on jack stands and took the rear tire/wheel off for access to the existing single remote.


Cut away a section of the inner fender to make room for the second SCV (selective control valve)


Installing the valve is a matter of taking the end cap off the stack, screwing in a longer stud for the top mount, installing the new valve with o-rings, putting the end cap back on and snugging everything up with the provided longer fasteners. What they DON'T tell you is that you need to be flexible and coordinated enough to hold three castings in the proper relation to each other and the mount so you can start the fasteners. I did it, but copious verbal lubrication was required.


Next, assemble the second coupler and the hoses between it and the SCV. Not too bad.

Final step was the install the actuator lever. What a pain in the ass! Getting it situated up under the side console in the cab, through the slot in the console and down through the floor to the pivot and valve stem required more verbal lubrication and THEN installing the pivot pins and itty-bitty cotter pins used up my supply of patience (not verbal lubrication, that well never runs dry...) for the week.

Done and it works and no leaks have appears so far so I'll call that a win. I did find an o-ring when sweeping up that I suspect got dislodged during one of the multiple attempts to line the valve stack up and fasten it. However I don't see any leaks so until I do, I'll save it and deal with it when the time comes.

All of the above is even more fun when you're 73 and the only things that don't hurt...don't work.
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A buddy just got one of these... think one a tad bigger.... lives on the old family farm.... he has a qtr mile drive way to the county road... his 9N with a blade.. had difficulty and at times.. couldn't move the snow... he had to break out the snow blower.... to help it .. blow snow.. plow...repeat.... he got the Kobata. ... with adjustable plow.... and Wow... his driveway... the county road (dirt) for a mile to the state highway... 😎
I no longer work on the cars but still do most work except the Outboard work on the watercraft (I have a mobile mechanic that charges a very fair rate).
Up till 2 years ago I was doing the brakes/rotors on the vehicles, simple stuff like alternator or cleaning the throttle plate and even stopped that as the local shop started charging me reasonable rates.
Motorcycles are more my thing for the size and weight of things. Plus its part of my "hobby expenses" so I do that to keep costs down.

Too old and your working on a Tractor? Your way ahead of me still :)
In addition to being old, I'm cheap and impatient. Not willing to either pay the dealer to do it, or wait for them to get around to it.

It's a vicious combination...

I feel ya. A lot of things I used to do for myself, I now pay people to do. Things like trimming large trees and plumbing
( which I was never good at 😄 ) But I’m never happy with the way other people do a job, I always go inspect their work after their gone and mumble to myself “ That’s not the way I would’ve done it! :cautious: