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False Spring has hit our area for the next few days...71 degrees today! Wife and I took the Harley out for some miles today.

Overlooking Port of Olympia with Mt Rainier in the background:


Hooked up an extension stick for the Insta 360 and tested it out.
I took it off and rode another hour. Having it stick out, its too close to mail boxes and trees on my rural route I take with it.
WIth the camera where it is, I look like a giant on a mini bike

Ha! You do look a little big for that bike! 😄 Other than the distortion, it’s pretty cool the way that works.
Last week I pulled the bags and windshield off of my bike to give the bike a good cleaning, I decided to keep them off for a little local spring riding. I do like the leaner look of an uncluttered bike. This morning I rode into the nearby White Tanks Mountain range. It was a warm sunny morning and even though the wildflowers are nearly spent, I could still find areas where they were growing.


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