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First Ride of '24
About 4C and overcast, about 15 minutes in town was a good start.
Only snow this winter so far was a month and a half ago, 'bout time for the farmers to start complaining about winter kill or wind erosion.
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Broke 40F today (for you Celsius guys that's "not warm") sun shine too. Half hour on the charger and GS came to life. 60 miles round trip to visit a riding bud that barely missed a trip with grim reaper. Wife was leaving on an errand, he collapsed at the kitchen counter, she called 911, did CPR til sheriff's deputy, he pounded on his chest til the EMTs got there, 4 shocks to get the ticker ticking. 3 days induced coma. He was literally dead. Now on the recovery road. Ribs finally don't hurt so much, Brain fog clearing. Defibrillator' installed. Good to be able to chat with him!
Got home and hauled in another sled of firewood from a tree I cut yesterday. (Cabin fever)
Snows not exactly gone yet.
That's the little saw :cool:
spits sawdust pretty good.
Brother-in-law used to live in Argyll and he would haul wood from forestry sites on mountainsides. Friend of Neil's who took jobs felling trees was one half of a couple that married, ah, somewhat later in life. Nice couple, both middle aged, views of the world set, but they rubbed along well enough. However, one day, the husband came home and the wife yelled at him for getting sawdust all over the brand new sitting room carpet. And Kenny yelled back 'It's the fuckin sawdust that paid for the fuckin carpet!' So apparently, things were a bit silent in that house the next day or two . .
Sawdust - horse poop, on boots, shoes.
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We have a "workable, stand-off"
My father in law was a farmer. When he occasionally hired help he would always hire the kid "with cow crap on his boots" as he figured he wasn't afraid of work.
OK actual out riding pic.
Uly fired up easy today. No shortage of sand and salt on the county and township roads, highways are OK but for reasons beyond me they brined the roads again.



Just a couple errands and one "detour" out of town then back along the river to home.
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yea a little chill shouldn't discourage a ride, down here we get some chill but luckily no snow, prefer the colder weather - can't make myself ride between July and end September. I'm to old, (and possible a little smarter too), to ride without safety gear and helmet, thus summer here would melt me away so to speak. Hope you enjoyed the ride!
Speaking of your Buell……😁 What’s your feel for parts availability for Buells in general? Are they hard to get?
( nice pics btw! You old polar bear ) 😉
For an old scrounger like me? A guy whose specialty is 50 year old bikes?
Piece of cake! This bike came with a serious supply of spares. The drive belt is one "supply issue" but there are still alternatives.
If you are expecting to walk into a Harley dealer and walk out with the parts you need, or god forbid, service, well, good luck with that...
You need one MM! A bit cold blooded and it shakes like, cough, a Sportster but very fun to ride. Caution it'll bring out Bob the Hooligan.
You need one MM! A bit cold blooded and it shakes like, cough, a Sportster but very fun to ride. Caution it'll bring out Bob the Hooligan.

Ha! Don’t think I’ve never thought about it. I have ridden one before and thought it was great fun. It was hot here when I rode one and that cooling fan for the rear cylinder never shut off, boy is that thing loud! But I think it’s a great bike! Even if I have to tip toe on it! 😄
This one has the second scoop for the rear cylinder and couple other cooling tweaks.
It had a low (hot) seat on it when I got it. It's been fine with the standard seat.
No problem in a WISCONSIN summer but dunno how it would handle Aridzona heat.