New bobber build front end options


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London, UK
Hi guy's

I'm looking at starting a bobber build around the XS engine. I live in the UK so not a huge amount of XS's to choose from, I'm planning to going down the custom hardtail frame route.

I've been in talks with a frame builder (HUC) and they have said they can build the frame with a headset to accommodate the forks I choose to use.

Other than the standard forks which forks have people used on there XS's. There isnt a huge amount of XS forks available and think if I can source better forks that can easily fit which should I be looking at getting?

I dont wanna go down the clip on route so know this will limit my options.

Do you want longer than stock, shorter than stock, standard telescopic, or girder style, springer style? It all depends on what you want. Most sport bike forks are shorter than xs forks, but standard bars can be adapted. With a custom frame being built just find a front end you like.
I dont wanna go Springer style or longer than standard. I like the look of the standard length forks. Kawabung's bobber looks amazing with his forks, do you know what they are and the difference in length over standard
If you just want a basic fork I'd say have your frame builder set it up for a sportster front end that way you can get the traditional chop/bob look with a 21" front tire. Otherwise I've seen many guys using GSXR forks for a more modern fork though it appears it sits like a standard xs fork minus about 2 or 3 inches, in other words, good for a basic bobber. Doesn't appear to require major mods to the standard xs steering head. Just gotta get it arranged for regular bars. I'm not a clip on fan either.