Northern Michigan/Upper Michigan riding. Routes?Destinations?

Plenty up there but a lot of it is separated by long straight roads.
Order a Lake Superior Circle Tour guide. covers a lot of the UP
The attractions are mostly nature/scenery and or old time industry relics/museums
The west end to middle stuff
In no order. the Keweenaw Peninsula
Apostle Islands
Porcupine Mountain State Park
The TWAT, that'll keep you entertained on XS's
There's about 15 various waterfall parks.
Interstate Peace Park.
Sounds like fun!
A TWAT is always entertaining.
Unless it's attached to the woman you've been married to for 30+ years
Then the sucker tends to grow teeth :yikes:
That might be better than the UP. Fit some
to the Tracker?
There's been a lot of pictures of big "adventure bikes" dirt napping in the soft sand in Central WI...........
705 shinko's have been working for me. 80/20 style
Ah, the Trans-Wisconsin Adventure Trail, should have known. Thank you @gggGary

This thread also got me looking, not for the first, time at SS Badger. Found this short but illuminating film

Truly, follow the way of for enlightenment, Grasshopper . . .
Last time I rode the Badger my 29/31 year old daughters were 11/13. Titanic was new in our household. 13 year old fell in love with a 13 year old boy on vacation from Witchitaw. They did the flying on the bow thing. I don't think they snuck into the cargo hold.