Prepaid SIM Cards


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Kansas City Mo.
Sue just recently upgraded to a new phone, so I figured I'd take her old one and have it dedicated to my bike for a navigator/map display. Cleaned her phone, installed Waze.... so far so good.
Just walking outside had the map operating as it should. And here's where it went off the map.
Took the SG out for a ride and as I got further away from home, it looked like I was driving off the edge of the earth. At the 3 mile point I was driving into a blank screen. I fell off the face of the earth. As I was going back home, streets started appearing and moving down to me. Again, 'bout 3 miles out and I had a full map again.

So here's my theory... the map that loaded was from my home WiFi. Since I have no other network service loaded, it wouldn't update beyond that.

So the big question... who do we like for a PREPAID ESIM CARD? I don't want to put a monthly plan on there cause that's really a waste of 20 - 30 bucks a month. I just want an esim card I can download for a flat fee and when it's used up, buy some more data.

Looking on the intertubes, there's tons of 'em out there. Anyone ever use one of 'em? Thought?

Waze claims that their data usage is about 150MB per month if you used it 6hrs a day for every day of the month. So obviously a 1GB card would last me into the years range.

Can anyone recommend a 1gig, data only prepaid card company that suits my needs?


Btw... the phone in question is a Pixel 5a. I've already check and it's (supposedly) compatible with an esim.