Shops and Garages

Being 21 my parents kicked me out of the garage, part time student, full time job, cycle work on side etc... Renting this place out $450 a month but I split it with another guy


The shop

Gotta have a beer fridge! Scored the stainless box in a trade still trying to flip it

All paint parts and chemicals. Scores the parts washer thru a table saw trade which I only had $20 in ;)

Made the bench out of an old table paint...stickers... DONE!!! also made a portaband into a table saw (blade is off right now)

Messy work bench but an idea for others. 2x4 and some homemade L brakets got me perfect place for oil spray paint etc!

Harbor freight lift. Can't beat the price! They go on sale for like 300 once in awhile and worth the money big time! I would like to make a mini spray booth and another wooden style bike lift eventually.
But gotta save for a house so I can someday have a shop I can call mine
Damn, $450 a month for that huge space with tools and power. That would land you a garage about 12' X 8' in my city. The average price of a 1 bdrm apt here is about $2600 right now. I need to move to the midwest.
This is my bedroom/shop and pics of the garage we are building, just leveled the piers today. cant wait to move everything down there and have a real workshop.


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Since there's no 'workshop' category, I figured to wake-up this thread and add on to it.
Built a 2-story 12x24 barn 10 years ago. Yes, it's cramped...


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Then, added on a 12x26 carport to the front of the barn, and a partially enclosed 18x26 to the side.


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I do have an updated pic of my shop with the doors installed. The center doors I built from engineered lumber for the frame, then top materials for the look I wanted. It's a carriage style door. The two ends are roll-up doors. The other building in the picture is a garage as well, with an apartment on top. I am in the process of getting started on my house. But the shop served it purpose so far. But, I don't expect to be fully functional before next summer.The building is 56 x 64. The other building is 24 x 32. And no that is not too much room.
Well I do restorations and will start up again once the house is built. So I need room for those activities and customer cars. But again . . I have a lot of toys myself too :) I haven't even started to build the "outbuildings " yet . . to house some of the trucks, etc.

TwoMany . . if you are working on bikes only, you have a lot of room there. I know, I know, never enough. But you can do some serious bike work with the room you have.
I wanted my shop to blend in with the area so I built it as a barn on the out side.The loft is very handy,as I do a tear down 1 piece at a time goes up.Rebuild, just grab parts from the rear working towards the front.


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OK, lots Of pictures here...
Three years ago I had a little ~12X8 space off my garage where I worked. Built my first three xs650s there. Two years ago I got married, and while my bide's house was bigger, there wasn't a work shop. I fiddle futzed in the crowded 1 car garage and a small corner of the basement. About 1 year ago we closed on our dream house together, a log home on 10 acres. The bonus was an extra 3 and 1/2 car garage in addition to the 2 car garage near the house.

The first 1 1/2 stalls walled off with heat and A/C, the previous owner used as a home office.

Those red cabinets he built were crap, and there was about a 4 inch gap behind them for tools to fall into. Plus they were too tall to be a work bench.
So, I tore them apart and rebuilt them.



Put in some over head shelving.


And some lighting too.

The space has a desk I use for wiring.

A mini fridge :D

And the other two stalls I use for storage.

My latest addition....
In the 2 car garage near the house there's a work bench that never really got used, except to take up space and to bang the car door into.

So I took that apart to use to make a motorcycle work bench.

I have about $15 into this bench project.. Some extra 2X4s and hooks for tie downs.
Strong legs, three 2X4's thick.


Frame done.

Top on there.

Middle slides out for changing oil and easy access to the engine underside.


Ramp fits inside it.


I have to finish reinforcing that ramp.
Painted it.

The stand is about 26 inches high, 3 feet wide.
Holy sawdust, grepper, you've been busy. Now I know why there's a 2x4 shortage. Is that (hard to find) 1 1/2" plywood on that bench?

Beautiful lush green acreage you've got there, I like it...