Simplified wiring harness and neutral light

scott s

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I'm working on a 1981 with a simplified wiring harness. I see the neutral wire, and the P.O. said something about grounding it out to make it run.
I have this green LED light I'd like to use. I'm guessing RED from the light to the LIGHT BLUE neutral wire, and then just ground the BLACK?
Will that give me a functional neutral light?
*EDIT* I attached the RED from the LED to the LIGHT BLUE neutral wire and grounded the BLACK, but it didn't light up. The bike is in N and I tested the LED on a battery. What am I missing here?
Yes, the light blue wire is the ground for the neutral light. The neutral switch on top of the motor connects and disconnects it to ground depending on whether you're in neutral or not.
I typically use the light brown circuit to supply power to neutral circuit. It's powered from the main switch in the on position.