Street Tracker the Swedish way.

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Hi everyone!

My name is Anders Jonasson-Beltin from Sweden.
A soon 50 year Young man,with roots in Motocross and Roadracing,and have worked,built,tuned,raced more bikes than I can remember.
Still race Motocross just for fun,and working on my youngest sons motocrossbike and try it to be faster than last time he rode it...

First let me say Thank You for all the info on this site!
Have been Reading and searching both Before and now during my attempt to build a XS650 Street Tracker with my personal touch.

Bought a -81 XS,and had a "vision" in my head how it should look,but the main goal is it should be 100% "homemade".
I intend to make all work myself,fabrication of parts,all machinework and also all Surface coatings.

Have a small machineshop with normal Machines,lathe,mill,drillpress and so on,and also have both aluminium anodizing and zink electroplating Equipment,these are simple "homemade" Equipments that anyone can build quite cheap if You have basic knowledge in Chemistry and safety.

Also make carbonparts with vacuuminfusion,so I will try to make as much parts for the XS as possible.

So all "non-standard" parts You see on the photos is all made by me in my Little workshop,takes time but lots of fun when the parts is finished!:)

Will try to upload photos while it proceeds,just so I can share and maybe give some ideas and maybe be able to help someone the way all tips and tricks written here has helped me.

So will be back with more info and photos later on.


The bike started as a -81 in normal condition,bought it in August 2015,and took it apart directly.
Have cut all unneccesary brackets away,welded new mountings for all special parts,sandblasted and painted.

Front Wheel is standard,rear from a XS500,special adapter made to line the rear sprocket.
Front fork shortened 20mm,and brazed and drilled new holes in the damper rod,had some ideas how to do it....have experimented a lot with damperrodforks during my motocrossyears.:)

Engine will be totaly rebuilt,did the crank today,new rod,bearings and trued/welded.
But will stick with a reboring of the 650cc,will start with that and see if I "need" 750cc later.:wink2:

Seat,innerfender and electricalbox under seat homemade in carbon,took a loooong time,first make a model,then a mould of that,and then carbonpart in the mould.

Boyer ignition,Mikuni VM34,homemade exhaust hopefully calculated correct by me,and a mild cleanup/porting will hopefully give enough Power for my needs.

More to come......Anders.