Stuff my dog says; on second thought I'll just build a race car

Most done throttle cable bracket

Tweaked the throttle cable bracket the little bit I needed for better alignment then gave it a quick coat of black this evening. Then ordered some stuff at the house tonight, hose ends and adapters to complete the cooling system from head to intake manifold, a coupler for the air filter/air box, and a tuning kit for the Holley four barrel. Then ordered a different blower pulley. Hopefully we can do more on the intake itself this coming weekend.
Coolant AN lines today, and motorcycle riding which is less productive than working on the car. It's a perfect day in middle Tennessee though.


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I hope they were 120 good miles! :smoke: I just picked up a number of screws om my garage floor, certain if I ignored them they would be in one of my tires. I have four brothers. As brothers do we would occasionally check up on our respective "Wheel index" number. As I had a couple of ATVs 3 or four cars, lawn tractor, farm tractor, boat trailers, wheel barrow and bicycles for the family my wheel index was often in the 40s and usually at least one needed a flat repair. My current wheel index is 33.
Driver's rear on the RAV4 went flat Friday. Found a pop rivet right where the tread meets the sidewall. Non-reparable.

Being AWD, tires must be replaced in pairs. The OEM Toyo tires have 32K miles on them and are more than halfway to the wear bars, so I've arranged for 4 new Goodyears. Tires, installation and alignment will come to a shade over $1000. Sigh...
Work from Saturday, a little bit of time messing with intake pipes.PXL_20240420_201634019.jpgPXL_20240420_185431538.jpgPXL_20240420_185338348.jpg

Didn't weld anything yet, just cutting and drilling to prepare things.

And then a couple from this evening looking at the possibility of ducting to the front brakes
Rough ideas there obviously, it would have to have more of an upsweep at the leading edge because of the steering geometry. I don't hate it but I'm not in love either. Decided to sleep on it a couple nights.
Have a plan for the blower outlet, now we wait two weeks for me to have the me to fit the two pipes together. Then welding and the new longer belt for the larger blower pulley, then boost (hopefully).


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