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Shelton, Wa
so a friend of mine scored a 1980 special for $500.
afew years later, whist living with his 92 year old mother, she died. He cant work, type 1 diabetes, and other shit. So to get on assistance, he sold me a 1971 xsb, a 1972 Honda xl 250, a 1980 special, and a bunch of parts, extra motor, twisted unfixable hardtail frame, and just general bike stuff.
Paid $3000 for all of it.
Now for the pig in a poke. the 1980 special.
He wanted to make it look like a early bike, so he had 1971 rims powder coated baby blue, new spokes, and Dunlop 707's. looks real nice on the 1980. I made it rideable with spacers and such. and put early bars on it, and re-wired 72 switch boxes, using the horn button as the start button, and a kill switch on the neck gusset.
Now, even though its in my name, It was agreed its still his bike, but I cant get a hold of him. His cell wont take incoming calls, and he hasn't called me since june(?).
Before he disappeared, I tried to sell it for him. $2500. But when I would talk to him about it, suddenly, he didn't want to sell it. So I gave up.
Winter is here, and ive got an itch. I want to cafe' it.
What to do.?
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Hi angus,
seeing as you already paid the guy three grand for the whole package and the 1980 Special is in your name you can do what you like with any or all of it.
Perhaps you could check up on the guy to be sure he's OK?
Legally, if it's in your name, it's yours. Especially since you paid for it. If you have a receipt and no written agreement (regardless, it's in your name) that it's "still his", even more so. He sold to you.
But I can understand the verbal agreement and you being a friend.

That being said, if it were me, I would try to find out what happened to him. Maybe contact someone like a mutual friend. Not sure how far away you are from his last know residence. But if you still can't find him, I would just cafe it. I'm going to assume he won't be able to buy it back. Seems as though he's just not around.

It's a tough one.
I dont know any of his family or contacts. He always came to my place after his mother died. This is tough. I practically stole the package. $3000 for 3 runners. One being a. Beautiful 71
It is very tough. Maybe wait until January.

My father's friend did a similar thing to me about an old black powder gun. He showed up 3 yrs later and wanted it back, but didnt want to buy it back. Unfortunately I had to tell him off. I wasnt going to lose a couple hundred bucks being nice. He sold it.
...Now, even though its in my name, It was agreed its still his bike...

And there's the rub. By gentleman's agreement, you are the 'storage facility', or worse, the 'mysterious benefactor providing custom bike work'.

All I can think of, is to not be a 'gentleman'...
Maybe you could search his name on Facebook and see if he has a page. Contact can be made through FB. If you are not on FB, someone else you know will be. Given his health challenges, he may well have passed on. You could google his name and add qualifiers relating to the last address shown on the ownerships. Or even search his name at the larger funeral homes in the area.
Good on you for trying to do the right thing, but your time working on the bike(s) and the cost of storage to date may well have used up any obligation.
Legally, fwiw, they are your bikes to do with as you wish.
Call The City Utilities where he lives, either his or his Mothers name will show an address, (everybody has to have water).
Place a small ad in the paper looking for him or his Family, After that, You did your job. I know how you feel as the 71 is worth what you paid for the whole bunch if it is a clean survivor.
I still am a bit confused, how do you "BUY" 3 bikes and other stuff, get a title and take possession, but it is not yours? But it sounds like he is either in dire need of money or watching from above..
Legally since you purchased them and have title, you own the bike. You being a good Christian, want to do the right thing and let him have the bike. You can try and find this guy which can take years or enjoy the bike and wait till he contacts you. If is that important I am sure he will contact you.
If it were me, I would ride and enjoy it.
Just my two cents.....
I had me one of those back in 1992 paid $500.00, They weren't worth as much back then. This particular 71 of mine had horrible low end torque, the top end was ok on the highway, not a Barn Burner but ok.
I had it tuned up but it did not help it. The thing was a real pain to ride double. It had about as much power as trying to start in 2nd But it wasn't high geared and all gears were fine. I sold it when I found the 1975B I have now, which ran circles around the 71.
I think I got $650.00 out of it which was good for the time. I don't know if it was carb related or low compression or what? It started 1st kick and idled great, just a Lemon, in color AND performance
Mine has ton of torque. I dont plan on going over 50mph, but it pulls strong, and cruises smooth in lower gears.
Good point on "if it's important to him"
About a year. He occasionally would come over and turn a wrench on it. He was a cabinet wood worker, so extreme details were important to him, and it seemed like forever to see progress. He insisted i put early harly knockoff turn signals on it. I did it. I think they are hideous.
Maybe..........Register it, ride it, do necessary maintenance just to keep it running, forget the cosmetics unless you make contact with the guy.
I was thinking that because then a cafe is reversable. It was kinda the look he was going for. The rear hoop has been shortened, and planed on cutting the rear end off a special tank to use as a hump on the seat. I have a old pusshead skateboard deck i want to use for a seat base.
I have clubman bars, and a old mgb headlight for the old school look
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