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Here's a new thread for you preppers and just generally concerned citizens worrying about when or if TSHTF. Postings must be from your personal observation and within the last 48 hours and can be grocery, drug store, auto supply, etc. Stuff run out because of being on sale would get an asterisk.

No cornflakes of any size package at my local Sobey's.
Beef counter shrunk in size and replaced with lamb or buffalo or vegetable based faux meat.
XS650 oil filter/sump conversion kits. I have been trying for months now and cannot even get either company (SmedSpeed or Megger Oconnel) to write back.
Fray Bentos large Steak and Kidney puddings, out of stock for the last TWO WEEKS!:(

I have one of these if Mrs M goes out for the evening...I've told her she can't go out until they come back into stock.

Fray bentos.jpg
Used to eat lunch or dinner in a little pub in Duns Tew (The White Horse). They made their own steak and kidney pie just about every day. Delicious.

That the pub where the landlord used to point you towards your billet and give you a gentle push to see you home safe?
As for Cocoanut oil, you've obviously never had eggs fried in the stuff, YUCK!
I prefer butter or ghee for that. I think I won't do the coconut oil experiment with my eggs. I'll take your word for it.

I never imagined I would find such a difference between Georgia and Mississippi. I like it fine here, but found many things missing that I was accustomed to. I certainly miss the Alpha Gyro Grill in Gainesville. I'm not going to find anything like that over here, probably not even in Memphis. Lately, I do much or most of the direct from farm shopping, so I have no clue what's missing at Kroger or Walmart.
Admission; I fry food.
We use olive oil almost exclusively. Well butter now and then and I'll dip a bit out of the bacon grease can on the counter for some flavor. The popcorn tasted fine, no noticeable difference from the Orville's there were no burned kernels Allison makes the popcorn in a Teflon stew pot. It's seasoned from years of popcorn popping and the teflon is no longer exposed...
Was going to stop at Farm and Fleet yesterday to check on popcorn oil but the parking lot was filled to overflow, nope unt uh, no way, pass.
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Admission I fry food
Me too, but processed oil is off the table. I avoid fried food at restaurants because of processed oil. We use a lot of olive oil, but where heat is concerned, avocado oil has a much higher smoke point, as does coconut oil. Other than slimmer pickings at the liquor store for the holidays, I have everything I want. I want some stainless spokes for my Special II, so I hope they become available soon.