Will ya Quit Tryin' to Friggin' Bury Me... fer Pete's Sake.....

Find an agent you can trust for YOUR medicare needs. I found mine by referal. She's hot... She sent me a Thanksgiving card... she's hot. When I meet with her again I might gift her an Arkansas Troopers Hat.
Sorry for the diversion, a good agent will help you divide what you need from the frivolous.
I take it she's HOT :bed:
Sorry I always wanted to use that emoji but didn't know where it might be proper
Strike that off my to do list
My former employer hooked me up. My plan was to stay with my employer and go Part A only. My wife is a lawyer, can read contracts. She also found a broker to advise. So, we signed onto an advantage plan brokered by the company I retired from 15 years ago. I don’t think I can beat it.
I'm not 100% sold on advantage plans at least the Ucare I have
When I started to get all those major hospital bills in May (there still coming) the Advantage plan has just been the queen of de nile
I got on my brokers ass (not literally ) (oh and she's hot too) and told them they need to be dealing with all the appeals to get the insurance company to pay the bills
From what I understand the bills get sent to a 3rd party who uses a computer algorithm to determine if the bill get paid or not and it's usually not
Before the crash I never had an issue with them other than the doctor or hospital might need a referal from the Ins. company
The picture is from just 1 mailing and I must have 30+ at least, totaling over $230,000
There rant over time to go make some cookies


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