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Smoking can be inadvisable...and spendy!
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One of the shipboard dangers of fire on a carrier is the magnesium wheels catching fire. In on famous incident caught on film the wheel locker under the flight deck burns so hot it buckles the flight sending firefighters airborn holding the fire hose they are manning.
For those that don't know the geography of IOM, this is the bottom at Bray Hill.
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The other day the subject of a Tesla driver, playing on his phone while the car was in autopilot, made mention the car didn't detect a motorbike ahead. Hit the bike killing the rider.

I think when every one posted, they blamed the driver, he should b held responsible only an idiot would put their faith in the car.
Driver thinks the car is at fault because it is advertised as self driving.

If the manufacturer is pushing the autominus feature, I assume the salesman/woman would be pushing the autominus feature in the sales pitch. Why wouldn't someone actually think they could do anything other than actually drive. Sure there might b references in the manual, or another source for such information, a respective driver/buyer should read and know that the sales pitch that an autonomous self driving car doesn't do everything it has been pitched to do, then they are responsible.

Or are they