XS Performance Headers

Anyone use these XS Performance Headers from yamahaXS650.com?
XS Performance Chrome 1.5 " OD Headpipes - Yamahaxs650.com


ok follow me here
(Your experience may differ)
i bought a set of these from Mikes xs
for my 81 xs 650 and installed em.
no mufflers, no baffles, no re-jetting of carbs

Boy did they sound loud!
Since i didn't re-jet the carbs
I had a smell of unspent gas
and I noticed the top end of my motor was getting Hot,
by the air hitting my legs when I rode.

after riding and letting the bike cool down
I checked the plugs
and they were black and "sooty"
I also noticed top end for me was 45-48 mph
did I mention they were loud..LOL

I was scared i was going to cause internal engine damage to the valves running this way
IE "wide open straight pipes"
I broke down, and purchased and installed slip ons,
which increased the pipe's overall length
which in turn, cooled down the bike considerably!
Then I re-jetted the carbs
and now, everything seem to be Back to normal!
(**Top curve heading into engine has turned BLUE though)

Your experience may vary!
Best of luck!
Mine turned gold as well, doesn't bother me. If your looking for a set that wont blue find a set of OEM double wall pipes, almost all aftermarket single wall pipes will discolor.
Man, thanks for the heads up. Just got some 1.75" pipes to go with the EPO's I have. Should look great in stainless
I installed one of Yamahaxs650`s 2 into 1 headers and reverse megaphone mufflers. With a little bending, tweaking, prying and minor swearing it finally fit. Kickstart lever and brake lever sorta even clear.:thumbsup: I was impressed with the quality of the head pipes and flanges.
2-1 exhaust 016.JPG

2-1 exhaust 017.JPG 2-1 exhaust 018.JPG
I'm a bit late looking at this rebuild, could you tell me what brand and model are the shocks please
I'm a bit late looking at this rebuild, could you tell me what brand and model are the shocks please
The rear shocks are RFY part # QR-2B-305. 320mm eye to eye. The upper bushing has to be changed and I don`t think they offer chrome springs anymore.
I've got a set of Tranzac two into one performance pipes made here in aus. Crisp power and nice note, bit rusty and slightly dented, 30 yrs old but free to anyone to pick up or pay post.
Wonder how much shipping would be to the states? That's awful kind of you.
The 2 onto 1 exhaust I just used was under $150. With the other small part I ordered it qualified for free shipping. I just ordered the 1 3/4" stainless head pipes. Hell of a deal if their as good as the 2 onto 1 I bought last week.