Make Offer - Xs1 vintage track master project located in southern Montana


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Pray, Montana
Selling track master frame- xs1 engine- one spare engine not xs1- bike needs completed, Mike’s xs electrical, new mikunis,
Lots of usable stuff- make reasonable offer
Buyer figures out how to get it home


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Forum policy... any For Sale ad must include a price. I'd love to have that frame, but shipping would be a killer. Good luck with your sale.

I saw that- I tried to change to make offer category, did it work?
On the right side...


Click on "Edit thread"
You'll get a drop down menu.
click Make Offer and click save.
Hard to tell much about it with so few pics, but the right-side case cover is not XS1, and I suspect that the rest of the engine isn't XS1 either. Would be a lot more valuable if it was.
Title? Frame VIN number? Engine number?
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Has the crossover cast into the intakes and the 4 bolt cam chain adjuster, so I suspect it's an XS1 with a newer clutch cover.

Thanks guys!
One of the above pics has what’s left of the frame number


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The VIN on the engine says it's an XS1B. About equally desirable to an XS1 engine. So that's good. I assume no title. Won't matter to someone who's going to race it, and probably won't matter to someone who's going to part it out, or who's going to put the engine into an early stock frame.
Pardon me for being cynical, but if its so easy to get a title in Montana, why haven't you got it yet?


It’s a race bike frame, didn’t really think I needed one- but I guess if it was worth it to someone I would consider getting one.
It takes an inspection from a cop, a couple forms and probably 3-6 month wait
Good question though!
I drove to North Dakota to buy an XS1 one time.
Came home with two XS1's
I see Betor and grimeca?
Someone started a street tracker conversion?
Is the rear hub quick change?
Top triples are special, lot O holes
LH sidecover kinda looks like @halfmile 's work?
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