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Hello from Wilmington, NC

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by arod_1, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. arod_1

    arod_1 XS650 Fan

    I'm just getting rid of my welcome notice. I don't have an XS650 yet, but I'm in the market for one. Looking to get one home ready to start on once I finish my current project.

    This is one of the finest and best laid out motorcycle forums I have seen. I really enjoy reading the threads and watching the builds. A lot really amazing looking bikes built and shown on this site.:thumbsup: The bike of the month feature is an excellent way to quickly showcase them.

    Ride on!
  2. MY HOMETOWN..!!!!!

    Good to meet you.!!
  3. arod_1

    arod_1 XS650 Fan

    Been in Vegas for a few days. You left Wilmington for Md? I lived there in Aberdeen as a kid. Army brat.
  4. Yeah, moved here for more work with better pay.... 10yrs later I'm still not sure it was worth it.. I'm coming to Topsail for Easter to do some fishing. I hope your weather stays nice till then..
  5. arod_1

    arod_1 XS650 Fan

    It's been real nice. I'm sure the weather will hold. I think it's 80 today. Too bad I had to work all day.

    Wilmington has changed a lot in the last 10 yrs. It's amazing how quickly things change when you're away for even a couple of years.
  6. I know, I moved to Ogden in 86'. It was just peanut fields and dirtbike trails..
  7. pa23driver

    pa23driver XS650 Addict

    i used to party down in wilmington, nc in my marine corps days - was stationed in jacksonville, nc at MCAS new river. nice town, bought my first new vehicle at the dodge dealership and my first new bike at britt motorsports. been meaning to cruise on through one of these days to see how things have changed

    welcome aboard.
  8. OOOOH, They have changed.!! That place is SOOOO different now. I dont even go back anymore. Scott "Britt" was our neighbor for years when he first started the new dealership. GOOD PEOPLE..
  9. Hello from the bustling Metropolis of Elm City, NC.
  10. arod_1

    arod_1 XS650 Fan

    Right on. Britts is a great place to go. Don't know the owner, but every time I go there they treat me very well. A lot of really nice bikes of every brand. They had two buildings for awhile, now back to one. I really like going in there and browsing the custom bikes.

    I live in Ogden now. There's probably 20,000 houses where your peanut fields used to be. And building more all the time. D&E Dodge is gone, lost to the downsizing. Now it's a Mitsubishi dealer.

    I had to look at a map to see where Elm City was. I have a son going to school in Greenville. ECU. Not too far from there. The wife and I ride the Harley up there occasionally. Makes for a nice day trip from Wilmington. Lots of different routes and back country roads we can take. Have even run back through Jacksonville. This year we'll take a trip to the Outer Banks and stay a couple of days.
  11. I will be in Topsail the 5-10th of April fishing. :) Jolly Roger Pier. Come on up.!!! I wont have my bike but I will have beer and bait. ;)
  12. Hey my daughter is a senior at ecu. Have a good buddy in wrightsville, lived in nags head a couple years way back when
  13. arod_1

    arod_1 XS650 Fan

    I just might run up and have a beer. The wife and I get up to Topsail on the bike pretty regular. Not much of a fisherman, but I love riding and a cold beer is always nice.

    My XS is still in the shed. I bought it a couple of months back from a guy in Charleston. He took it apart aways and never put it back together. Mainly just the carbs and peripheral stuff. He was going to chop it and never did. He gave me a TC bros. hardtail with it and a whole bunch of spare parts. I can't work on it until I finish my wife's bike. A Honda Rebel 450. Frame off rebuild with light customizing. We're having a good time with it. I just keep getting other projects. My daughters friend brought over a Ninja ZX6R with carb problems, so I'm cleaning and rebuilding the carbs on that right now too. The price is low (parts) and the college kids don't have much money. My garage is full!!

    My son is a junior at ECU (or supposed to be anyways), I have another son finishing Community College in town and a daughter getting ready to start. Lots of kids in college.
  14. You just need to remane the house "campus". LOL.. My father in law was the pres. of the medical association at ECU for years.. And its awfully nice of you to help out the collage kids like that. Those guys need al the help they can get. I hope you and the wife can make it up, that would be great. I'm not much of a "catcher" but I give it he'll none the less.

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