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Yes, I’m selling my bikes to make room for what’s next. :) I’ll still be around.

1977 Yamaha XS650D $3800

Starts right up and runs great. This would make an excellent daily rider that can reliably get to work and back every day. The bike was thoroughly gone through in 2018 and has been constantly upgraded and maintained since then, it has been regularly ridden , but has not had a significant amount of miles added to it.
29,696 miles on the clock. Engine compression is still excellent with no oil consumption between changes. It's possible the top end was refreshed prior to me owning it, but I have no way of knowing one way or the other.

Pamco Electronic ignition added
Voltage regulator and rectifier replaced with modern solid state units
Fresh oil, valve adjustment, and carbs synched
Steering head bearings replaced with tapered roller bearings
Forks rebuilt
Swing arm bushing replaced
New master cylinder and stainless brake line
Brake caliper rebuilt and new brake pads
Rear drum fully serviced and brake shoes replaced
Seat recovered
Gas tank replaced with brand new tank
Side covers painted to match tank
K+N air filters for stock air box
New clutch with new heavy duty bearings, and new springs
New starter gear
Clutch cable replaced
Clutch pushrod seal replaced
Replaced clutch and brake levers
New grips
New mirrors
New voltmeter
Hard to find NOS luggage rack
Givi windshield
Lots of miscellaneous hardware replaced
Sprockets replaced, new o-ring chain
Carburetors rebuilt, new jets and floats
Fork legs, wheels, engine cases, and brake drum polished
New battery
All original removed parts to be included
( I’ll get a start up and walk around video added soon. )
That is a beautiful bike and really great value for your price from my perspective in BC Canada. Makes one think of driving south in a pickup...:)
Whoever the future buyer is, they are already hoping you don't change your mind!
And this, my friends is the BEST bike for sale post EVER! :cheers:
Good luck with your sales Bob (although you prolly won't need it as your bikes are top shelf ones)
And this, my friends is the BEST bike for sale post EVER! :cheers:
Good luck with your sales Bob (although you prolly won't need it as your bikes are top shelf ones)
Ha! Thanks! I have a pet peeve about ads that don’t show the bike clearly or the description is crappy! So I appreciate the comment. :D
I didn't think it would take long.
This bike is a fine machine.
Happy to hear it is going to someone from here with a love for these bikes.
Only have one left to marry off now.
Gotta love the hollywood style teaser.
Stay tuned....
Same mail time...
Same mail channel...
Nana nana nana nana....
Yep I couldn't pass up Bob's 77 :wink2:
It's got a lot more shine than the 75 and nothing to worry about mechanically :smoke:
Time to find a shipping company

That old 75
You meet the nicest people when your bike breaks down in the middle of nowhere :laughing:
Now the 75 is relegated to more local rides
Thanks Bob


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