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Well here we go! Yes it’s true sports fans, I’m selling my bikes in order to clear up room in my garage and have a little money in my pocket so I can move on to something new. I’m not going anywhere, I’m learning from Gary, out with the old and in with the new. :D
So without further ado,

1972 Yamaha XS2 ( Mailman’s XS2 )
This was a year long restoration of a low mileage original bike that had been in storage in dry, hot Arizona for 30 years. As much as possible all the original components were gone through and refurbished to as new condition. Nothing was left untouched. The motor was rebuilt with new 2nd over pistons. Here is a list of new parts and work done. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things. Bottom end was in good condition and untouched.

8,585 Miles
New cam chain and chain guide
Boyer Bransden electronic ignition
New solid state voltage rectifier
New solid state voltage regulator
Rewound rotor
New brushes
Carburetors rebuilt, new jets and floats
Rebuilt petcocks
New clutch, and springs and heavy duty bearing
New starter gear
Starter rebuilt
All new engine seals
Frame was sandblasted and powder coated
New swing-arm bushings
New steering head tapered bearings
Front and rear drive sprockets replaced
Heavy duty o-ring chain
New Wheel bearings
Forks rebuilt, missing and damaged parts replaced
Rebuilt brakes and brake caliper
New Stainless front brake line
New Master cylinder
New starter switch
New clutch and throttle cables
New speedometer and tachometer cables
Recovered seat with new replacement foam
All bodywork repainted
All new bodywork emblems
Speedometer and tach refaced
Custom handmade aluminum steering damper, ( original black knob included)
New handlebars
Electronic voltmeter
New mirrors
Recent battery
Comes with all original parts that were removed
Also comes with the original gas tank that was painted but has a bad liner in it. Paint is perfect, but it can only be used for display or it will need to be restored.

I‘ll try and get a new start up and walk around video added soon.
Good luck with your sale. At that price its a bargain................only $7460Aus

Advertise in Aus you might get a surprise Chasing $17,500 for this

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Sold for $11,750

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Wow! I better load it on a boat and get to Australia pronto! :laugh2: I just listed both of my bikes locally in Phoenix Craigslist.
It's like waking up and finding out the Earth really is flat. Very unbelievable. Is he sleep posting?
Did someone pick the wrong mushrooms to top his dinner salad with? Say it isn't so.
That bike is one of the high water marks on the site and that is saying something since it comes from the dry dry desert. I think I might cry. It's like two good friends getting divorced. But I am anxious to see what you get into next. Beautiful machine. It is however permanently a part of the forum starring in your epic rebuild thread.
Best of luck with the sale
Ha! Thanks for the kind words. I wish I had Jay Leno money and an aircraft hanger to warehouse every vehicle I ever loved. I have missed every bike I ever sold, but for me it has to be out with the old before I can bring anything new in. I am grateful for the experience and chance to share this build on the forum , the reception I got and the outpouring of help and enthusiastic support I received from this great forum will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thanks to everyone who followed or participated in this build. :heart:
Man, I gathered from some of your recent posts that you were gonna get rid of one of your bikes to get something more modern, but I always thought it was gonna be the 77!

Shocked to see both of these for sale but boy is that bike gonna make someone very happy! I mean they both will but this bike is very special indeed. GLWS.
Never thought I would see this day :confused:
I second using BaT. It's where you get the real money. Since yours is so well documented and shows really, really well it's a no brainer.
Besides then we could all add our .02 when the bidding starts :thumbsup:

Man what a day! The XS2 just sold to another one of our awesome forum members. I’m very happy to see it go to him, he’s a good guy. I will let him announce himself when he’s ready.
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What a day Mailman.
The quickness of both bikes being sold is a reflection of the quality of work you have accomplished on your machines as well as your stellar reputation. Your attention to detail is matched by few.
Glad that this bike has found a forum member as well.
I am certain that I am not going to be the only one anxious to see what your new plans are.