1980 XS650G Exhaust Replacement?

Ahh, understood. just bought the 1.5" headers from 650trader's new site, and haven't mocked them up on the bike or anything yet so will be interesting to see how they sit when installed.

The Commandos came with a chromed multi-hole hanging strap...Not sure how it will look, but do you think that alone could be finagled to work or would you think another piece might still need to be fabbed?
I don't think just one bolt head in the sliding track is going to hold for long on our vibrating 650's, lol. You really want at least a 3 point system (2 in the track, one attached to the bike). I recently mounted some other mufflers and these new type MikesXS headpipes to my '83 Special. I used the same XS500 hanger brackets as on my '78 Standard but since these new headpipes don't sweep up very much, the hanger wasn't even close to making it onto the slide track. I had to make up extensions that went down and back more .....




And even though the slide track on these mufflers is the kind you usually just place bolt heads in, that way doesn't hold up long on our 650's. I know, I tried it, lol. You want to use that tapped bar that is provided. You slide that into the track and thread bolts into it. This distributes the hanging load across the whole slide track.
Ahhh, understood. Thanks for the pics, I can visualize it now. Didn't realize that tapped bar was meant to set inside that track. That seems like a much better way to do it than hanging off a bolt head or two.

That's great. I'll take a bunch of pictures when I start the install and report back on what it ends up looking like. I may need some additional advice, haha.