1981 xs650 resurrection woes.


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will try to give all pertinent info without making this overly long ...

EXTREMELY hard to start; runs poorly when i eventually do get it started;
compression 150 on both cylinders;
valves set at .004" intake .006" exhaust;
good battery, but i mostly use the kick-start because the starter grinds horribly;
no airfilters are installed yet so not gasping for air;
fresh oil;
FRESH gas, NEW fuel filter, and carbs overhauled and then cleaned a 2nd time; there's fuel in the bowls and spark plugs are coming out wet;
has spark;
electronic ignition but i put a timing light on it anyway and timing is bang-on.

noteworthy things ... i had the clutch basket out to sort out a frozen clutch and i MAY have re-installed it incorrectly. the reason i say this is because if i squeeze the clutch lever, the kick-starter is not cranking the engine. also, the kick-start lever scraped away some skin off my shin. after i let that heal the kick-start lever attempted to break my ankle. because of those 2 events it seems like the timing is off, but how can that be ?

help ?
if i squeeze the clutch lever, the kick-starter is not cranking the engine
That is fine/correct the kick start goes through the clutch.
stop any gas flow ie if it's a vacuum petcock pull and plug the vacuum line, now see how it starts, runs for a bit.
If it starts cleans out a runs well for a bit you most likely have a sunk float or leaky float valve.
Stock carbs?
Can we see a pic?
hi gary .... will try the petcock thing. pretty sure the carbs are stock (mikuni) but there are no identifying numbers on them at all. will put up a pic tomorrow. thank you.