2021 XS650 calendar *OFFICIAL* Thread - PHASE 1: Nominations - Through Sept 13!

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It's not the cleanest but I'm proud of it and I'd like to self nominate my 75
Where is the electrical on this machine? It's certainly well hidden. I couldn't leave a bike like that in the garage. It belongs in the house!

Hi, the right side tank is split. The rear portion for fuel. The front contains the electronics. All wiring is routed through the frame
I'd like to add my own bike into the vote if someone wouldn't mind seconding!
Its my first time working on my own project bike, and many of you have provided endless valuable info to get her running super smooth this summer! Couldn't have done it without everyones help here!

Bike by kubes42
29 great looking bikes in so far. Two more days of nominations and then voting begins.

If you haven't gotten your nominations in do so this weekend. Remember to get some photos of your bikes too while it is still decent outside!
Fellow XS650 members,

I hope you are well and have had a chance to get out on two wheels and enjoy some riding and nature.

What a SH*T SHOW of a year. Let's move on to 2021 already, shall we?

This will be the official thread for the 2021 XS650 Calendar. NOW is the time to get your bikes out while it is still nice before winter and get some quality photos if you want to nominate or have a shot at being selected in the calendar. Deadlines are going to be tight this year. I have a goal of shipping calendars in October before the holiday season to avoid any delays that may incur.

I appreciate the feedback on the previous year calendars. Your guys' comments and appreciation of the calendars is what keeps it alive for me.


Post UP TO (3) nominations here in this thread with a picture. Nominations MUST INCLUDE PHOTO AND MEMBER NAME IN POST. Please notify the member you have nominated to accept nomination. NOMINATION PHOTOS DO NOT NEED TO BE HIGH RESOLUTION.

Phase 1: NOMINATIONS - Through September 13 or 24+ Bikes (whichever comes sooner)
Phase 2: VOTING STAGE - September 14-20 midnight
Phase 3:
WINNERS SEND INFO - DEADLINE September 30th unless contact and arrangements are made
Phase 4)Production>Shipping>Delivery

PHOTO REMINDER: NOW is a good time to get some nice photos of your bike if you would like to be nominated before riding season is over and the snow falls. If no pictures or contact has been made after a week the next member with the most votes is in so make sure to follow all calendar threads.

PHOTO TAKING NOTE: Most smartphone cameras now take high resolution photos if that is all you have. A note about photos: Make sure your phone is turned sideways (landscape) when taking photos of your bike and always leave enough background space on all sides. This makes it better when cropping and preparing the layout of the main images. Photos can be zoomed in and cropped but you can't add what isn't there.

1. NOMINATE UP-TO 3 bikes that you'd like to see in the calendar for 2020. Nominee must be a member with their bike/build posted on XS650.com. Remember PHOTO and MEMBER NAME included in nomination post.
2. Contact the bike owner and let them know of the nomination and verify.
3. Nominations must be seconded by another member.
4. Nominations must be accepted by owner to be included in the voting thread.
5. You ARE allowed to self nominate (must be seconded to be considered for voting)
6. You ARE allowed to second nominate more than one bike.

1. 24+ bikes with nominations seconded by a member and accepted by owner, make it to voting stage.
2. Vote for your favorite 13 bikes (Voting thread)
3. Will be a set time for voting opening and closing.

Calendar Selection Winners
Selected members will be contacted by me, Shawn, (samoran1) with details of what is needed for calendar via PM and will be asking for an email address to receive photos and information.

As always we will have a pre-sale for those of you who want to ensure your calendar. We will start the Pre-Sale earlier as well so more people are aware. PRE-ORDERS WILL NOT BE SHIPPED UNTIL PRODUCED. We will have banners and links on the site and Facebook for pre-sale and for sale link.

If you Pre-Order you're guaranteed a calendar.
After the pre-sale they are first come first serve. Calendars will be limited after the pre-order so order accordingly. Calendars will sell out and there WILL NOT be a re-order.
View attachment 174739 Thanks. Accepted! Better photo.
Well "Damn It". No bike for the calendar this year.:( Must be building slower in my old age.:shrug: Lots of great nominations this year and a couple that really trip my trigger. In fact I may have subconsciously borrowed a couple of ideas from them.:sneaky: Soon I`ll be voting for something that really counts. The 2021 XS650 Calendar.:)
Good Luck Everyone.
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