2021 XS650 calendar *OFFICIAL* Thread - PHASE 1: Nominations - Through Sept 13!

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Man, sure are a lot of new bikes here coming out of the woodwork! This 2021 calendar seems to have re-energized a lot of members that have been dormant a while. Love seeing the fresh meat on display. Wish there were some build threads on a lot of these.

Was thinking the exact same thing Willis! Lot of really cool bikes emerging, it's awesome.
Hey gang. I'm looking for a nomination. My bike was on the calendar a few years back before it was completed. It's been a few years, but I think I'm finally done, with the Gunn Designs exhaust as the icing on the cake. Thanks in advance for a nomination. I appreciate it.
IMG_5302 final.jpg
IMG_5258 final.jpg
IMG_5311 final.jpg
My God! Didn't realise the quality of the competition. These are some of the most beautiful motorcycles I have ever seen. Makes my old SE look like Cinderella before her godmother arrived. I'll have to polish her up, add an aerofoil or two and do something with the kid - maybe a haircut and a shave! Nice bikes gents! Well done!!
Great work so far! It's going to be another awesome calendar. With the quantity and quality of bikes nominated so far, I might kill nominations early to keep the progress moving forward. I am a little more worried about shipping delays this year so want to get these out early.

Make sure to get your nominations in if you haven't!
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