2023 Dick Russell Memorial Rally - Mountain View, AR. May 4th - 7th, 2023. Hosted by the Yamaha 650 Society.

Ben you are welcome at any rally I'm at!
Good morning Mikey! hows the brand new day? You doing your sit ups this morning?
You were the star of the show Friday. Amazing what some guys will do to get the attention of a hot cop!
And i never got to get a look no one took a phot to look at later either
Next time may have to look into this.
Pictures ???
You know we love pictures

I am old, my lower back needed a rest. We had stood around doing nothing for 15-20 minutes. I laid down on the slope away from the roadway but very near Mikey's bike. Stretched my back a little and closed my eyes to the sun overhead. Suddenly I heard "Sir where do you hurt? Can you move?" I opened my eyes looking straight up to a vision of beauty packed nicely into a State Trooper uniform standing right over my head. Did I mentionshe was very nicely packed into a State Troopers uniform? I think the riders 30-40 feet away were calling "He needs mouth to mouth" or some sillyness
Yep, we'd been standing around for a good bit after the ambulance left with Mikey and had gotten word not to move anything until the State Trooper got there. A couple young US Forest Service Ranger LEO's had been on scene with us. The Trooper finally pulled up and went straight for Kevin laying on the ground.......with a young Ranger chasing after her with a look of panic on his face: "maam that's not..."

She paid him no mind & began to question Kevin anyway:lmao::laughing:

Sorry no pics here either:redface:
It's like listening to a ball game over thr radio
Ya just gotta paint your own picture
Kevin is on his back with a stream of grief rolling over him
Classic 650 smart talk 😎
How do I get ahold of Chaves
Want to order 2023 rally shirts
Demon. .....????