277° rephase cost VS vibration reduction (2024)

When it comes to the sound of a vertical twin, a 180° (ala Honda) crank on it's way to 12 grand still sends shivers down my spine.
Having said that, I love 'em all.... 180°, 270°... 360°... don't matter to me, I love 'em all.
Just for thinking out loud What is the problem with the crank ?
These are strong I had mine taken to the dealer and the Old senior Mech adjusted it and Checked the conrod play and bearing smoothness.
There are inspection routines in manuals and I have the fortune to be able to cooperate with him. He is retired but are taking on some winter jobs on the side Cash in hand.
Should such an inspection be performed something can be noticed that can explain excessive vibrations as worn bearing or twisted crank.
It’s funny that there’s been no mention of the difference in engine sound once rephased… that would be a factor for me. In my opinion, aural enjoyment is so important in terms of these bikes, and the rephase totally changes the sound of the engine.

Personally, if I had the choice I would do it just for the sound - I think the rephased XS sounds so gnarly and rad.
That’s the first thing I said
The crank needs work after 60.000 km, the alignement is out of spec. But according to Heiden not so much to be the result of massive vibrations. Additionally on of the conrod small ends is suffering from pitting and needs replacing. The middle bearings can only be inspected ones the thing is pressed apart.

Thinking out loud again
yes 60 000 is some distance. May well need splitting
Alignment can cause Vibrations Depending on how much and in what direction That a mech can correct giving it some hits with a Lead Heavy mallet Using clocks measuring And so

Inner bearings perhaps . could be cleaned and spun without taking apart Listening for roughness

Conrods small ends .being worn is a deal breaker
And splitting is maybe necessary

I Suppose you know that there are replacements --available
Sold out now back when I checked it was cheaper than rebuilding it oneself
Please note there are different