'74 TX650 Build/misadventure

just pulled this heap lovely machine out of the shed after...two years! Shameful.
The questions are about to start coming.
Firstly: As I'm cleaning up the wiring and greasing all the connections I noticed I don't have a female connector for the following pin terminal (White/red. Green/red. Brown. Orange. Black...Ignition switch?

Also, this black/white male connector and black female connector need a home.
Hmmm...if '74 (?) Wh/Bk, Bk may be a diode that wired into brake lining switch (no really)

Orange, Brown, Black,Wh/R...........Gn/Red? Green/Red does not compute..
Pic from other side of 1st block connector?
Green/Red is an odd one. First mention of it I've found is in the 75-76 diagram.... and then only in the Legend. I can't seem to find the actual wire in the diagram. :umm:

I'm just thinking out loud here; the other curious thing is, in that era, they used very few block connectors. None I've found with that wire combo
So I checked the actual monochrome diagram from the manual (in case colorized wrong), reference to Gn/R in the table, non visible on schematic. So review:

Black = ground
Brown = general 12V+ , etc.
R/W = kill sw, coil(+)
Orange = points, coil (-)
Green/Red = ??
OK I got it wrong the LAST TIME but there is an unused connector under the gas tank for a couple years, 74-75? Might have had a function in another market.
There's been a couple threads about this but they are REAL old.
So:eek: lol

Yep, we'll mark that up to strange non-US circuit that may or may not involve passing lights, 4-way flashers or brake lining switches - none of which ya needo_O
Pretty much anything i have to say, (with pics), i posted in the link gggGary posted............

I will add. The passing switch has no bering on the loom as it is a jump wire in the bar switch. Japanese market bikes had a Speed warning light in the dash between the Flasher lights. Hole is hidden under the dash plate. How that was wired and to what is a mystery.
“Made” this as penance. Front turn signals and pilots working, as well as neutral light and brake indicator light. Cleaned all the connectors and switch internals but it’s still taking some use to wake every thing up.


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I take it this hub cover is pressed on. Any tips for getting it off without dinging it up too badly?
Looks to me like it's already off. What have I missed folks? No doubt the cover will be badly rusted, I just made an aluminium replacement, looks a lot better. Same year as mine, but in much better condition. If you're not a purist, there are heaps of mods you can do to make them easier to live with: Carbs, PMA, single points or electronic, cable splitter, manifolds, cooler, remote spin on filter and so,on.

The bike pictures show mud catcher ally rims, but the hub closeup shows a chrome steel rim, did you get two sets of wheels?


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