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Hi everyone,

What oil are we supposed to use for an oil change?
You have to understand that's an ongoing question / answer that's been going on here for years
It's like assholes and opinions everybody has 1
And welcome to the madness !! :bike:
I have been riding and wrenching on motorcycles since the early 70's. I still don't know.
But just to get my asshole in the conversation, use Mobil 1 15w50, V twin 20w50, T4 motorcycle 10w40, Rotella t4 or t6 diesel oil.
Yeah, I've used Mobil 1 15-50 without friction modifiers in my Road King and all my dirt bikes for many, many years.

Everyone in the forums used to call it Mobil 1 15-50 "Red Cap", because it was the specific jug to purchase that didnt have the starburst symbol indicating friction modifiers (the bane of wet clutch existence). Cant call it red cap anymore because they switched the cap color to silver...but its still the same formula. ;)
Guess the 10W40 / 10W30 / straight 30W I've been using for years is a nay nay. :doh:
You can't go by what an owners manual from the 70's says. Back in the day, motor oil had lots of zinc. Not like the girly oils of today. Motorcycle specific oils were not needed. Today you need motorcycle specific oils.or diesel oil, or racing oil.
If you use a 40wt you'll get more topend "clatter". It probably isn't hurting anything, it just makes more noise compared to a 50wt. I tried the 40wt but went back to the 50wt because of the noise. Because of the rather crude filtering system, it's best to change the oil quite often, like every 1000 to 1500 miles. Because of this, fancy, expensive synthetic oil isn't worth the expense because you won't get one of it's major benefits - the long change intervals. I just use the cheap Walmart brand 20w-50.
Walmart brand 20w-50. !!
Or when I plan on putting a bunch of miles on away from home ( 2000 miles or more I'll use the Valvoline oil )



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20-50 motorcycle specific. Frequent changes mabee more important than brand. Uncle Jed says there's plenty to go round. While we're on the subject. Can someone confirm the part# for drain plug gaskets. Recommend seller. I've reused this set a handful of times, but it's that time. Thanks.
Thanks, everyone for your help, how much oil does the 1981 special take, also there seem to be 2 drain plugs, and what are the long nuts on under the motor?
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