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I've started on an engine removal tool, all I've done so far is sort out the lifting and tilting mechanism. I had a truck brake adjuster worm gear given to me some time ago with the intention of building a coldcut saw,however, that never happened, so, I thought I'd use the worm gear for the engine removal tool.

The worm gear winds the spigot sticking out the end of the tool around. I'll weld a flat, 10mm plate onto that on which I can bolt engine brackets for removal of the engine or on which to mount the engine to work on it. Using this tool the engine can be turned 360 degrees.

To lift the engine, I'll weld a couple of struts across the top plate, a jack screw will pull on that raising the two arms and keeping the spigot level with the ground.

The apparatus wil be mounted on a floor stand with castors, so when the engine is raised and tilted the stand can be rolled back, thus removing the engine.

I had to turn out the inside of the gear, fashion a slotted plate and weld the two together to fit over the spigot. the worm was extended by a 12mm shaft and a handle welded on top. Getting the worm and gear to mesh properly without any backlash took hours.

This is of course is if I ever get to finish it, I really have no use for it, but it seemed like a good project. The interesting part was mounting the worm and gear and getting them to work, along with hinging the two lifting arms and getting the engine turning spigot to remain level. The rest is pretty boring stuff, so,I'm already losing interest..

I still have another worm gear set languishing in my useless parts bin, I wonder what I can use them for???


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