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I'm continuing to make progress on my previously dormant Redline frame XS650 street tracker project, and have started considering exhaust options.

With the kickstarter, brake lever, and rear master cylinder linkage, the right side of the bike seems a bit busy for a right side mount 2-into-2 (e.g., Omar's Half Mile) system. And I haven't seen any left mount versions of these systems.

I would consider a left mount mid-height system (e.g., Omar's Mile exhaust), but the systems that are designed to fit a stock frame seem likely to interfere with my single-downtube.

So a low mount 2-into-2 system (e.g., Omar Hooligan exhaust) might be the best off-the-shelf alternative, but there don't seem to be many companies making these. And the headers designed for stock frames splay out more than I need on my single downtube frame, which will look a little weird.




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Member @ Halfmile is one of the resident experts on such things. He may have a set of pipes that will work for you or know authentic sources. Yes, many off-the-shelf offerings will not work with a single downtube frame. Omar's, last I checked, no longer has pipes.
Yeah, the half mile pipes were mainly designed for racing and turning left, the lower does have the tendency to drag. Had an early Hooker 2-1 set years ago that also touched down, ended up buying a set of Shell half Mile style and had a muffler shop cut, swage and reweld the lower pipe to shorten it. Helped but would still touch down especially as I went for a period with 18" hoops front and rear because of better street rubber selection in the 80's-90's
As others mentioned Omar hasn't had pipes in at least a couple of years.
Hoos Racing has a variety of half mile, TT and other down pipes, I think reproductions of Shell pipes.
I purchased a set of 1.5" diameter high pipes made in England on ebay
Pandemonium Cycles offers the "Ya mama" right side high exit turn out pipes, the turn outs could be cut off and megas or mufflers fitted, they also offer a Premium DIY kit of various straights, bends and flanges for those adventurous enough to attempt to fab their own. If you can weld or know a decent welder that can be a route
Mikes XS also has a variety of systems for stock XS's, and they offer the same kit as Pandemonium for $10 less

You may have to buy something and tweak it or fab mounts, what I had to do with my Trackmaster build, they canted the engine forward a few degrees.
Your single downtube might present a problem in getting the right exhaust to cross over to the left side with high pipes (mile type). Gunn Design has a excellent looking stainless LH high pipe but the right pipe cross over might not work. On most high pipe systems the RH pipe goes between the 2 stock frame down tube`s as the Yo Mama pipes. The Hooligan pipes are the easiest but IMHO the do not fit the theme of a tracker. JEMCO still has the RH high pipes but your right, your right side is kinda busy. Where your lower side tubes meet up with the single downtube might also be a clearance obstacle for some factory 1/2 mile low pipes. It seems like all the manufactures are geared up for the stock 2 tube frame and most are designed to mount from existing tabs or studs. A DIY kit might be the answer. I`m getting ready to start a set of LH high pipes for my tracker makeover and I will use combo bends from Speedway motors as the DIY kits are all 1.5" and I like to use 1 5/8 (42mm) so that the stock flanges can still be used.

I really like the Redline build BTW. Nice to see something a little different for a change.
If you don't mind ugly welds, a long wait, and paying more than value, there's JEMCO. Best to provide measurements; they'll be followed (and that's all the good I can say about that outfit).
Response from Jeff Quinn at Omars:

I'm sorry we are not doing any exhaust for any style bikes at this time. We don’t have any plans to do any exhaust in the foreseeable future. Good luck with your project, Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.
Something like the (uber-rare) D-pipes that Honda manufactured for the early CB450 Black Bomber might work. Not a traditional flat track track look, but it avoids crossover complications.


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do you have hi pipes for xs650/750 yam in single down tube redline frame?pls advie price &availability-mike 604-990-4100
The pipes in that pic belong to member here @ halfmile. Most of those pipes are custom made using DIY builder kits from various sources. I'm not aware of off-the-shelf offerings that meet your requirements.
I'm not aware of off-the-shelf offerings that meet your requirements.
There might be an off-the-shelf solution that works for a custom frame application, but it's hard to say for sure without buying the system and test fitting. I've been distracted by some other stuff lately, but will likely wind up having some custom headers made for my single downtube Redline frame setup as there are some fabricators local to me who do that sort of stuff.
Food for thought, Norton once made a model they called the P 11, and later the Commando SS
, both of which had high pipes, one on each side rather than both on one side. If fabricating pipes something you might consider.
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