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Just saw this. Yea i want in, need a good exhaust for my bobber build. I dont have a pic of my xs as its not built yet. Here is a pic of my Hell Bent For Leather CB350 Bobber build
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Well that would look great on this! I was just discussing what should be done for this exhaust!
Talk about waiting until the last minute, lol. Yes, put me in. My bike about 10 years back when I first got it up and running .....


And today .....

I could sure use a pair of MAC-TT-Y650 pipes!


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So far I have a frame from ebay, carbs from ebay, nice forks from ebay, a motor from ebay, a swing arm from ebay, wheels from ebay, no title, no tank, and no pipes... just ordered a soda blaster gun from the UK and am cleaning will clean the head next...

View attachment 91739 View attachment 91740 View attachment 91741 View attachment 91739 View attachment 91740 View attachment 91741 View attachment 91741 This my work in progress and I thought it was about time to post a couple of photos. Engine is from a 1981 Special, and the frame and front end are from "Dave and crew at Voodoo Vintage in Austin Texas. I found the gas tank and seat at Sportsmans Flyer in Gilroy Ca. I have been working on the bike for about a year and during that time I have made several "in progress changes / mods." which have slowed the process. I hope to have the bike by April of next year. Time will tell. Gumshoe.View attachment 91739View attachment 91740
Man I sure could use these. I am just about ready to install exhaust. What a xmas present this would be. Hey at 67 years old I still get excited building .
I was just scrolling through all the bikes ( it's an inspiration thing) and I saw yours, which looks gorgeous by the way. But I was curious when I saw a cover over your tailpipe? I've never seen that on any bike ever, not even on the internet. What is it for?
The "cover" is actually the baffles on his Supertrap style muffler. They use external separated plates as opppesed to an internal baffle. You can add or remove plates to tune the back pressure.
Hello XS650 Forum members. To start we would like to say thank you to all that posted up on the tread. We got a lot of really great images of your XS's. With that being said it is time to get down to it........
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Congratulations to MaxPete! You are the Winner of a MAC 2 into 2 TT-Pipe Reverse Cone Exhaust System! Please PM us so that we may get all of your information and get you our exhaust system.
With the Winner being announced, we are are going to be offering a Special Offer to all Forum Members on any of the New MAC Exhaust Systems for the XS650's. We are going to be offering a 15% Off Sale by using the MAC Discount Code XS650NE. This Discount will be Good will be good from today 12-02-2016 to 12-31-2016. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on any of the exhaust systems.
Thank you
From all of us here at MAC Performance.
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