Gofast Innovations JIS screwdriver and impact driver set Giveaway (ends 1/21/22)

Congratulations @TFR Aussie! You have won this giveaway!

This giveaway had a good amount of entries, many from members that haven't been around for a while. I encourage you all to stick around. The more people that enter these giveaways, the more likely we are to attract more companies to offer future giveaways on the site. Thank you to everyone for participating, and thank you to Gofast Innovations for the giveaway!
Screenshot 2022-01-25 at 10-49-39 Gofast Innovations JIS screwdriver and impact driver set Giv...png

Wouldn't be so bad if they hadn't been around for a while...........it's they have never posted before.

Ironic that the winner posted after i mentioned this.
@650Skull I think you meant to say congratulations! ;) Be a good sport about it. It is ironic indeed, and I thought so too (being right after your post), but it's a random drawing.
Would you rather have no giveaways? I'm sure no company wants to host a giveaway and limit it to the 50 most active users of the site. If you can find a company willing to do a giveaway here and restrict it based on activity, that would be great! Companies agree to do giveaways because I promote them. Part of the reason I look for giveaway opportunities is to bring people back to the site and attract new members.