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guess i'll be buying tags soon, this just might need to be ridden! last time i rode this was in 1978.


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Wow!! Three xs1b's in as many months!! That is a nice lookin bike.
That headlight dosnt look like a 78 to me though. But I like it. How'd you doit? I want one for my 71. The headlight is foggy.
Whats up with the 2 into 1? Is that from years ago? or recent?
Spill the details, and nobody gets hurt!!
a long time ago (1974), in a place near to DC, i got this bike (XS1) for (if memory serves) $300. I rode till 1978 and brought it inside for a winter upgrade; new tires, shocks, rear fender, exhaust, taillight, rewire, and maybe a small cafe type fairing. spring '79 not finished, the wife is in a family way, so all is delayed. then my brother gets t-boned while riding, i give him the xs and it goes into his rec room, then his wife gets in a family way and this project is totally stalled for the next forever. move forward to 2013, brothers son decides to get this oldass junk out of the rec room and brings it back to me (no boxes, just bike). seems my taste in bikes has changed so, i think about it, talk to friends, remember good times and decide that if i can get it running something will happen. spring 2014 attempt to start. pvc fuel tube with vinyl lines and a jump box i start kicking. i can smell gas from exhaust pipe after 20 minutes (knee getting gimpy) check for spark - none - send my son in for flexstone and he says "wtf is flexstone?" answer - oldskool stuff in tool box, its labeled - used it, the xs started, idled and revved. now its a project. i decide on resto not cafe or custom. many bucks to mikesxs and online auctions and a few to a friend who paints. after all this, the hardest part was undoing what the PO (me) did. like i said, it's getting real close. the exhaust is alphabet header from '78 supposed to be hotticket, i don't like it any more prolly gonna change it.
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looks like it just needs a seat. Is the paint as good in real life as it looks good in the photo's?
not concourse but nice, 10 foot paint

Hi wrenchjohns,
10 foot paint is good. The stuff that comes out of my paint gun is 20 foot paint on a good day (OK, 15 foot paint if I sand the runs out and 10 foot paint if I rub out the orange peel) but it does keep the rust out.
not concourse but nice, 10 foot paint
Nothing wrong with that. You don't want it perfect, or else seeing the first scratch on perfect paint will make your eyes bleed!!
What kit did you use for that headlight? Is it one for a car with 6 and 1/2 reflector? whats the wattage?