How do condensers plug in?


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I've spent a lot of time rebuilding my bike and finally got to where I thought I was ready to try to start it and it looks like I forgot to connect the condensers up... I know how it goes on the bike as I already have it mounted to the bike although I can't seem to find anywhere that tells me where the wires plug in or where the ground bolts to. If anyone could send a few pictures of theirs it would be MUCH appreciated! đź‘Ť
Sorry; no pics, but the positive lead plugs into the points wire(along with the negative lead from the coils: orange or grey wire). The can itself bolts to the frame and grounds the condenser.

The condenser "pack" gets mounted to the inside of the left upper motor mount. Notice I called it a "pack". It's actually two condensers mounted end to end, each with a black wire coming out of it. One wire gets paired with the right points (gray) wire, the other with the left points (orange) wire. It doesn't matter which condenser you connect to the left or right points wires, just as long as each one gets a condenser tied in to it .....


Coming out of the harness up around the top motor mount area you should find an orange and a gray wire, each with a double female bullet connector on it. The gray points wire hooks to one of the spots on the gray wire, along with one of the condensers. The orange points wire connects to the orange double bullet along with the other condenser wire .....

Condenser Hook-up.jpg

Condenser Hook-up2.jpg

The other end of the double bullet orange has a single bullet and connects to the left coil orange .....

Stock Coil Wiring.jpg

The single bullet on the other end of the double bullet gray wire connects to the orange on the right coil .....

Right Coil.jpg

The ground wire connected to one of the condenser pack mounting screws .....


..... gets connected to the front bolt on the upper motor mount, trapped between the engine and the mount .....


Engine Ground.jpg
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