rectifier blowing main fuse


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madison heights, mi
ill keep this quick.
rewiring friends 76.
new pamco
new coils
new mikes agm battery
new rectifier from mikes. Part #24-2085 (even know it says its a combined reg/rect. pretty sure its not)
new r292 regulator

using this diagram


pamco has 7.5 fuse
no lights wired yet.

bike starts and runs with the rect. unplugged. no charge obviously. but still runs. when i plug in the rect it blows the main 20A fuse. i completely disassembled all grounds and re-ran the wiring. first time was a wing nut and electrical tape wiring. second time was soldered connections and done correctly.

i hooked up the stock rect. and the fuse blows as well.

only really work on this during the weekend. havent done much other testing.

im left to assume that it may be somewhere from the rotor/stator to the rect. where im having a problem. would this seem correct? a short somewhere from the 3 whites or the green brush wire?

thanks in advance for any help.
Since the fuse blows with both rectifiers, you must have a short circuit in the wiring or 6 pin plug (if you are using a 6 pin plug). Measure the resistance from the red (rectifier output) to ground. Shorted out diodes in the rectifier could cause this, but hard to believe that both rectifiers have bad diodes.

Difficult to understand how there is no short in the wiring if the rectifiers are not plugged in.
Leave rectifier(s) unmounted. Plug it in. Touch rectifier mount to ground. Sparks/fuse blow?
If so, rectifier. Both? (Long ago, some numerologist told me that the 19th of the month is unlucky...)

You probably wired the socket backwards for ground and battery. Easy to do because when you look at the socket and the plug from the rectifier, the red and black wires are opposite to one another, but the tendency is to wire them up the same.