Scam going around forums

Xs650 user name vibes92040
New rule says you have to post 5 times before you're allowed to send PM's
@Vibes92040 joined on Thursday. He promptly posted 5 random and spurious comments on random threads..... prolly what was on the front page at that particular moment.
Hasn't posted anything since then. Yeah, that looks suspicious.

By including his name in this comment, he'll get an alert that his name's been used. Let's see if he comes over here and explains himself. He's online right now.

Yeah... that Pete's quiet the character ain't he....

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Just catching up on this one - veerrrryy interesting.

Happy to kill any spammers or scammers - or @ssholes calling me at the dinner hour offering furnace duct cleaning services or telling me that Revenue Canada has got a warrant out for my arrest (every Canadian will understand those last two).

I just received a pm for my wanted ad that doesn’t pass the smell test.
It included a phone number to text.
a google search on the number leads to scam warnings from other classifieds forums.
Xs650 user name vibes92040
Hmm... says Montana.
That would be Montana, Moscow or Montana, Shanghai?
Hmm... says Montana.
That would be Montana, Moscow or Montana, Shanghai?
He's used 2 IP's... both are in Billings Montana.

he made (non-posts) to get by the newby PM limits. So that's a bit sketchy.
Phone # links to IL land line, he said yeah kept phone #
He pm'd me also had a set of 74-75 BS38 for sale, i gave him my phone, he sent a pic via text.
Carbs do appear to be 74-75BS38's............

So I'm on it, but wasn't QUITE ready to pull the trigger.