Thread pitch on Rear Brake Lever/Camshaft (brake linkage arm)

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My chrome plater lost the securing bolt, #33 in parts diag for the rear drum brake linkage. The arm that fits on the splined shaft from brake hub.

I went to my local Ace Hardware and couldn’t match it up.

Can anyone provide the thread pitch on this bolt? Assuming it is Metric.


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It's just a standard M6 bolt. I think the pitch is 1.0? I replace them with stainless ones, with the extruded numbers ground off and the heads buffed .....




I use a medium grit Roloc disc (maroon colored) in my die grinder, makes short work of it.
Thanks for reply on this.

Yes, I was going one step further with a chrome fastener. I tried M6X1.0 and no threading in. Maybe I need to run a tap through but was worried about creating a bigger problem.

Thought it might be some fine thread or less common thread pitch.
One of the problems you can run into with those brake levers is alignment. Sometimes the Mighty Hulk will tighten 'em and bend 'em. It can change the angle through the hole just enough that a bolt won't grab. Try spreading the legs apart just a tad and see if the threads will catch?
The brake arm on my 74 takes a bolt with a nut the other side. But if yours is threaded I would assume it'd be the same as the gear lever and brake pedal - M6 x 1.
Take a look at the thread and make sure it isn't damaged.
Double check the thread first before running a tap through it. Yamaha couldn't make up their minds on imperial or metric sizes on my 74: The master cylinder is 5/8" and there were a few other imperial sized bits on the bike, although from memory, all the threads were metric, it is worth checking first though. I don't remember finding any fine thread M6 bolts on my bike, they were all M6 x 1.