TX650 front brake lines.


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The front brake lines on the bike are in four parts: Two steel lines and two rubber lines all with different thread pitches. I was going to replace the lines with one, but unfortunately, there is insufficient room on the calliper for a banjo fitting, and of course the thread in the calliper is a very fine thread, so the standard banjo bolts won't fit. Of course this is easily fixed by grinding away a bit of the calliper body so a banjo will fit and either find or make a fine thread banjo bolt.

Rather than do that, I decided to use the the original lower brake lines and modify the top lines as they are too long with the steel piece. Again, the thread in the top of the manifold is very fine, so I found a 10mm bolt with the right thread, cut 16mm off, mounted it in the chuck and ran through a 3mm hole. This grub thread screws into the top of the manifold and the upper hose screws over that, being sealed with a copper washer. This allows me to keep the brake light switch which screws into the manifold. The upper section looks quite neat, but the lower section, not!

The Chinese are a strange lot, not only do they not think like us, I don't think they think at all sometimes. The master cylinder I'm using has a banjo location tab on it, presumably to stop the banjo from rotating. But oddly, the tab is at the front of the cylinder so the Hose has to exit at the back and straight into the tank. A saw fixed that, but unfortunately I no longer have a banjo locater.

The hoses are rotted, so I'll have to order some new ones, either that or get some made up.


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Cool IIRC, those fittings on the steel line are AN threads 10x1.0
Why are you using an inline brake switch stead of the one included on your new MC?
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The switch on both clutch and battery levers don't look very robust, at a guess they might last all of two weeks. Besides that if I don't use the hydraulic switch I'd have to block the outlet or leave an unconnected switch in situ.
I just bought non oem clutch/MC lever assy's with switches. I don't know that the harness supports a clutch cut out but I know my current front brake does not accuate the brake light so I will have to sort that out.
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Cool IIRC, those fittings on the steel line are AN threads?
Why are you using an inline brake switch stead of the one included on your new MC?
Pretty sure all OEM brake line connections are metric. At least on the RD 350, the steel line male and female connectors are metric. Either M10x1.00 or M10x1.25.