1975 Front Brake Confusion - SS brake line and the rigid piece at the caliper


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I can’t seem to find a definitive answer/details on the parts that I need to convert the stock front brake line on my 1975 xs650 to a single stainless steel line.

I was considering this brake line: https://www.mikesxs.net/brake-line-black-black-swivels-10-inch-to-40-inch-lengths.html

With a switched banjo bolt for the brake light and this banjo fitting for the MC side: https://www.mikesxs.net/brake-line-banjo-fittings-black-or-chrome-10mm-multiple-degrees.html

My main point of confusion is getting rid of the rigid pipe at the caliper. Will one of these adapters do the trick?: https://www.mikesxs.net/brake-adapter-multiple-sizes-multiple-fittings-jic-3-chrome-black.html

Some people seem to have sucessfully used a banjo bolt at the caliper, others seem to have needed to use larger crush washers or shorten the bolt. It is unclear if those are a single line or if they use the two line system running through the stock manifold/switch.

Also, I ran across an older thread where someone had to swap the forks around to get the caliper on the other side. Is that really necessary?

Maybe the definitive answer is “just keep the rigid pipe”…

Thanks for y’all’s help!
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I did a write up of my experience on my '75 HERE. The difference for me is I was trying to keep it looking original so I used a two piece braided line with the splitter in the middle and a brake light switch. I also re-used the steel line on the caliper. Just an option of another way to go. Be sure to review the entire thread though as I had to re-order one of the lines to get it right.
Thank you dogbunny, that’s the info I was after. I’ll give it a go with a banjo bolt and make sure to have some thicker copper washers on standby.

Willis, I did read your thread and it was very helpful. Just didn’t have any info on the connections at the caliper since you kept the rigid steel pipe.
Im just doing the same thing myself ,I need a 80 cm brake hose with a banjo on each end ,the caliper end needs to be a 30 _ 45 degree angle to make it sit better, replace the metal tube fitting with a 10mm x1.00 banjo bolt and its done .
Using a banjo bolt at the caliper on these, you need a bolt with a different thread pitch than the one at the handle bar. If the pitch at the bar is 1.25, the lower one may be 1.00. Caution: foregoing pitch numbers are just guesses from memory, but I am sure that the difference was .25.
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