Pairing TC Bros DIY brake line with '72 Caliper/Master Cylinder


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Hi everyone,

I did some searching and couldn't find a thread covering this.

On my bike, I have the stock '72 master cylinder, caliper and brake line. I bought the TC Bros Custom Stainless Braided Brakeline to accomedate new bars and the greater distance between the master cylinder and the caliper.

I'm a bit stumped on how to make the line connect to the caliper. The kit includes two 10mm banjo fittings -- though, it seemed like one of these would bolt right-up to the master cylinder with the stock banjo bolt. I'm confused about how to attach the line to the caliper itself.

From master cylinder there is a rubber hose which connects to a lower steel line which then connects to the caliper. Generally, I don't know what the bottom banjo fitting from the kit should connect to, and what exact part/bolt I'd use to connect it if I did know.

I'm guessing many of you are familiar with the setup so pardon the long description, I've included photos as a reference.

Thank you in advance! :thumbsup:


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There is a fitting to do so... but the other problem is your brake light switch is in the splitter thing mounted to your bottom triple tree under the head light. If you eliminate that you have no brake switch. Perhaps someone can tell you what fitting you need to eliminate the hard line and run the new line right to the caliper. Then you need a banjo bolt brake switch...which mikes sells. That kit you bought is meant for 77 up.
Thanks CDNTX650,

As it stands, I have no brake switch up-front anyway, so that functionality is already lost (those wires were cut before I owned the bike). I have a rear switch.

It's a bummer that it might not work for my current setup, hopefully there's a way to attach it to either the hard line or direct, as you mentioned.

I wonder if I should just try to source a longer piece of steel line or rubber hose...
On the stock set up a rubber line came off the M/C, went down to a junction on the lower tree. This junction had the front brake switch. From this junction a rubber line ran down to the rear of the fork. It ran through a clamp/holder where it converted to a steel line than ran from there to the caliper. There isn't any way to connect a banjo bolt style fitting. I'll post a pic of the junction, switch on the lower tree.
On the line you have, does the line itself thread onto the banjo fitting? If so unscrew the banjo fitting from the line. Then get a fitting that is a 10mm x 1.00 or x 1.25 pitch. Don't recall right off the top of my head. Any way the fitting has this thread on one end, the other has an AN-3 connection on the other. You might find one at a car parts store.
I'll post a pic of the style of fitting you need. The bottom of this fitting needs threads that fit your caliper. The top is the AN-3 fitting. The bottom screws into the caliper, the line threads onto the AN-3 fitting.
The threads in the caliper are the same as the banjo bolt that threads into the M/C.
If the banjo fittings are made on the line and can't be removed, I can't help with that.


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