Wiring in a replacement solid state rectifier/regulator (not a nylon screw thread)

George......................can I give a little advice? QUOTE]

RG, sage advice, and thank you. Truth be told, I am trying to do as much investigation into mapping out a reliable electrical system for the XS650. And yes, my knowledge is tremendously weak on this particular element of the rebuild. Every part of the process here has been rewarding so far, but the electrics... are a tough nut! What I do know about my bikes stock components, is that they were worked pretty good. The wiring generally heavily corroded in most places. I probably ought to check the stock alternator though... The prevailing wisdom here led me towards the PMA. I will say, I am not above going back to a stock set up. The million dollar question is... which system can I learn how to rebuild, assemble, or both...
Didn't think you did, just an observation. Posted some of my thoughts relating to R/R in your wiring thread
My replacement reg and rec..... per 5twins and others recommendation....



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