Yamaha 650 Society 2023 Smokies Rally

Accuweather say mid 70s each day... I know that is a week away and weather guessers are sheeeeit, but let's be positive. Frankly, the Red Bike will need a good rinsing after 1000 miles on the trailer.
It's about a 10 hour ride for me to get there, and another 10 back. I don't want any rinsing.
Is Ben bringing the '80 Special?
Yes, and maybe putting miles on his new tracker from Bill Bowlings. I rode Ben's special in Arkansas and really liked it. My only XS650 experience had been an XS650E more than 40 years ago and my recent XS650 experience is the raucous 750cc tracker. Don't get me wrong, the 750 is a riot of torque and dee0 noisy exhaust. My Red Bike project was to expose me to a mostly stock '70s XS650. I would be pleased if you would ride it and give me an honest critique when we are in Tennessee. If you can ignore the non special high bars. I am an amateur at this "old bike" stuff.
Riding down on my Triumph 800 Tiger.Didn’t get my XS done in time. SORRY