1. Q

    Spark Plug Firing With Key In On Position And Engine Not Running

    I'm still new to mechanical work so please correct me if I'm wrong, but a spark plug isn't supposed to be firing with the key in the on position. It should only fire when the engine is running. The plug on the right hand side (sitting down) is firing but the left one is not. So if they are...
  2. happydaze

    Rust-Oleum Motorcycle Cover

    Has anybody tried one of these? I keep my bike in a garage all year round, but it does get some surface rust on the chrome surfaces, especially in winter. Which size cover is good for an XS650? Medium? Rust-Oleum Motorcycle Cover Thanks
  3. Q

    Which Model Should I Use In My Haynes Manual If Mine Isn't Listed?

    I know for a fact I have the correct Haynes manual since on the back it says it covers my bike; however, when listing measurements, it doesn't list every model. It only lists a few, which most commonly are the following XS1B XS2 TX650 TX650A XS650B XS650C Which one of these should I...
  4. Gibson

    Idle speed

    Hey guys, anybody out there able to get a reliable 1200-1300 rpm idle? It says 1200 +-50rpm in the service manual. I cannot get a reliable idle below about 1450 indicated.
  5. pekka

    Shifter fork wear question (with pics!)

    Hello all, I recently tore down my engine because of couple of issues 1) small ends are loose and 2) steel chips in oil filter. One time the cylinder bottom gasket slipped and ended up in the engine. It then found its way to the oil filter. The filter tore apart and the chewed gasket went...
  6. happydaze

    center stand technique

    I was just reading another forum and found out something that I thought I would pass along because I had not heard it before. If your XS650 has a 16" rear wheel, it's much easier to get it onto the center stand if you roll the rear wheel onto a piece of 1"x4" lumber or 3/4" plywood. The extra...
  7. A

    New alternative tyre for "Street Trackers"

    Hi all tracker/scrambler fans! I have always thought Heidenau K34 sort of had the right flattrack type thread, while still being an approved street tyre. Until recently, they widest available sizes were 3.50-18 and 4.00-19. I guess this could work well when using a 19" front wheel in the...
  8. happydaze

    Hard to roll when cold. Brake pistion?

    Hi all, I'm experiencing a phenomenon whereby my XS650H becomes hard to roll when it's cold. I took it for a short ride on Thursday and I could feel the resistance. I put it up on the center stand and spun the back wheel, which seemed to rotate freely, so I assume the drag is happening at the...
  9. Q

    Do These Hoses Connect To Each Other?

    Hey Guys, I'm new to mechanical work and I'm restoring a 1980 Yamaha XS 650 SG as a hobby project to learn. I've gone through and cleaned the carbs, changed the oil, replaced the battery, and next is cleaning the fuel tank. The issue I'm having is that I have two hoses that are disconnected...
  10. TwoManyXS1Bs

    An LED Ignition Timing Light experiment

    In this thread, I'm going to try to document the critera, goals, challenges, design and implementation of a permanently mounted (but totally removeable) LED Timing Light for my XS1B, as seen in this video: I built a timing light for my Vega back in the mid-'80s. Mounted on front of left...
  11. R

    Battery tenders

    I`m in the market for another battery tender so I dont have to keep switching the dang thing back and forth but I`m not so sure I want the same kind I have now. Anybody recommend one over another? I do want another one where I can connect it to the battery and just plug in.
  12. Lasper01

    Strange whirl and knock in engine

    Hello.. Im helping a friend with his new to him XS650. When we started it up and drove for a rid it had a knocking sound. We now have set the camchain and the valves to specs.. Its still having a knock and a whirl sound from the topend as far as we can hear.. Heres a small video I tried to...
  13. fredintoon

    When's the last time you had a flat?

    I worry about having to fix a flat by the roadside. That's why I switched my bike from it's elegant aluminum rim wire wheels back to it's stock artillery wheels; so I can run tubeless. No more roadside wheel removals and tire spoons and patchkits and handpumps. Just a quick squirt of...
  14. gggGary

    Tire rim fitment, load rating, speed rating, charts

    Some interesting info here. Was thinking about putting some wider rims on stock hubs so wanted to see what tires would work best. Note how narrow the metric tires to fit stock rims are. And some other useful charts RE tire selection.
  15. YAM277

    1978/1979 BS38 Carb Rebuild

    Long overdue! Took a pair of Mikuni BS38(ID 2F000) carbs apart,cleaned and rebuilt, with all the help of this forum, the carb guide and some vapor blasting attention. Moved up on main jet from stock 135 to 140, stock pilot 27.5(vm22/210) up to 30 (because of pod filters and str8 exhaust) and...
  16. YAM277

    Tach Drive Gear and Assembly

    Some pics on the whole assembly, if you want to see some better explanations of the parts or where to purchase, here's the link to my album. . . .
  17. Signal

    Shift Shaft Spline Compatibility

    I want to graft a new spline onto a shift shaft with damaged splines (got 3 to do) and do it for less than the cost of a reproduction part. Do any of you know of other bikes (preferably small commuters so parts are cheap) that have compatible splines to the XS 650. I have been told Yamaha...
  18. gggGary

    Getting stuck pistons out

    Pulling down a 77 with some very stuck pistons. They are up near the top of the stroke. turning the crank is moving the cylinder up and down about 3/8" (10mm finger boy) rust buster sprayed on a couple of times. solid hits on a hardwood block then some smacking with a brass mallet...
  19. YAM277

    Front Drive Sprocket Replaced

    Simple to replace, here are some helpful pics, tips and torques. Depend on where you look and what year you have, this might help confuse you. I just torqued mine at 80 ft/lbs. Front drive gear nut(36mm) Torque specifications per Haynes manual- gearbox sprocket nut 72-87 ft/lbs. (pg.17)...
  20. YAM277

    Kick Starter R.H. Case Cover Seal Question

    I've been looking through the manuals and posts and they don't show a washer or shim that fits inside the right side case cover to shim the Kick Starter Seal? Can you take a look at these pics and suggest if it's right or is there a part number for a missing shim here? There is about .014 room...